Timothy J. DeGeeter For Parma Mayor
Jan 14, 2016
Press Release

City names new leadership for Parma Police Department
Capt. Joseph Bobak tapped to replace retiring Chief Robert Miller

PARMA, Ohio – The Parma Police Department and the City of Parma are pleased to announce the selection of Captain Joseph Bobak as the city’s ninth police chief. Capt. Bobak will replace current Chief of Police Robert Miller, who is retiring later this year.

Bobak was selected on January 8, after an intense interview process led by a panel consisting of Mayor Tim DeGeeter, Safety Director Michael O’Malley and Strongsville Police Chief James Kobak.

“We are more than pleased with the selection of Captain Bobak as our new Chief, and we look forward to moving our city forward together,” DeGeeter said. “I want to thank Chief Miller publicly for his great service to the city, and I extend thanks as well to the other applicants who interviewed for the chief position and for their leadership within the department.”

In an evaluation of Bobak, Miller calls him “a confident leader … who understands the delicate relationship between supervision and keeping officers motivated. Captain Bobak is well-liked by his officers.”

Bobak, a Parma resident, has served with the Parma Police Department for 25 years. He is currently the department’s Executive Officer and commander of the Detective Bureau, where he oversees the handling of criminal investigations in all three units of the detective bureau.

Bobak was instrumental in implementing the police department’s Crime Scene Unit, which collects and processes forensic and trace evidence at crime scenes. He also serves as the commander of the SWAT team and the police firearms range.

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Jan 13, 2016
Press Release

Taxpayers are the Target of an Aggressive and Sophisticated Phone Scam

Parma Law Director Tim Dobeck has issued the following advisory warning:

Taxpayers are the Target of an Aggressive and Sophisticated Phone Scam
Con artists impersonating IRS agents are calling people nationwide and demanding immediate payment of alleged overdue taxes. They prey on the most vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly, newly arrived immigrants and those whose first language is not English. Their preferred method of payment is either pre-loaded debit cards or wire transfer. If the victim refuses to cooperate, they are threatened with arrest, deportation, liens on property, or the suspension of a business or driver’s license. The caller often becomes hostile or insulting. If the call isn’t answered, the caller often leaves an “urgent” callback request.

In a variation of this scam, a fake IRS agent tells the victim they have a tax refund due to trick the victim into sharing personal and financial information. This type of scam is known as phishing.

Since October 2013, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has received reports of roughly 736,000 such fraudulent phone calls. TIGTA is aware of approximately 4,550 victims who have collectively paid over $23 million as a result of the scam. In July 2015, the leader of an extortion ring run through various “call centers” located in India was sentenced to 175 months in federal prison and $1 million in forfeiture for his role in a massive impersonation scheme. Despite damaging this criminal enterprise, the IRS and law enforcement agencies across our nation have seen a surge of phone scams in recent months.

These con artists are successful because they sound convincing, using common names and bogus IRS identification badge numbers to identify themselves. Call centers located abroad often hire English-speaking employees to place phone calls to U.S. taxpayers. Scammers may have knowledge of private information, such as the last four digits of the victim’s Social Security Number. Other characteristics of this scam include:
 Calls are often made by an automated robocall machine.
 The IRS toll-free number is spoofed on the caller ID to make it look like the IRS is calling.
 Scammers may send bogus IRS emails to support their scam.
 Victims hear background noise of other calls being conducted to mimic a call site.
 After the initial call, co-conspirators call victim pretending to be local police or DMV, and the caller ID supports their claim.

You should know that the IRS will never: 1) initiate contact with taxpayers by phone or email to demand immediate payment or about taxes owed without first mailing a bill; 2) demand payment of taxes without giving the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed; 3) require a specific payment method; 4) ask by phone or other electronic communication for private information, such as credit or debit card numbers, PINS, or passwords to bank accounts; or 5) threaten to involve local police or other law enforcement groups to arrest you for not paying.

If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, you should record the caller’s name, badge number, callback number and caller ID if available. Then call and report the incident to TIGTA at 800.366.4484 or at www.tigta.gov and clicking on the IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting tab in the upper right corner. You may also report the incident to the IRS at phishing@irs.gov and to the Parma Police Department at their non-emergency number 440.885.1234.

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Dec 2, 2015
Press Release

Parma introduces Holiday Tour of Lights

PARMA, Ohio – In keeping with the spirit and joy of the holiday season, the City of Parma is proud to announce its Holiday Tour of Lights. Homes with holiday lights can sign up to be listed on Google maps, separated by wards, for interested residents to view.

Residents who would like their home to be listed on the tour, or who would like to list a home other than their own, can send the address to HolidayLights@Cityofparma-oh.gov. Links to tour maps by ward will be posted on the city’s social media sites – on Facebook at City of Parma and on Twitter at ParmaMayor – in the city’s electronic newsletter and also on the city’s website at www.cityofparma-oh.gov.

“There are so many homes with festive displays in Parma that certainly reflect the joy of the season,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “We encourage our residents to get out and enjoy the displays and the seasonal beauty of the city.”

The Holiday Tour of Lights does not involve contests or voting or prizes. “This is a great family activity that, with the convenience of the Google maps, can be enjoyed right in your own neighborhood,” the mayor said. “It’s another way to showcase the best of the best in our city and to share the joy of the holiday season.”

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Nov 17, 2015
Press Release

City of Parma Christmas parade on December 5

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma will host a Christmas parade on December 5 and pair it with Christmas at the Farm, a celebration at Stearns Farm on the same day. The parade steps off at 4 p.m. at City Hall and will travel south on Ridge Road to Stearns Farm, where the Mayor and other elected officials will participate in a tree-lighting ceremony immediately after the conclusion of the parade.

“We encourage Parma residents to come out and experience Christmas at the Farm after the parade,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “Combining these events is a great way for the whole family to experience not only the parade but also an old-fashioned farm Christmas. We hope Parma residents will embrace both parts of this experience.”

The parade will feature walking and motorized units, marching bands and of course, a visit by Santa Claus. Side streets along the parade route will be closed off up to a half-hour before the parade begins and will re-open immediately after it passes.

There is still time for groups to register to participate in the parade. If your group would like to participate, please send an email to Lcross@cityofparma-oh.gov stating the name of your organization or parade unit, the type of unit (walkers, float, car, etc.), and the number of people in your unit. You may also call in that information to 440-885-8093.

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Oct 30, 2015
Press Release

Competition is open to design wall mural for Rudy’s Strudel

PARMA, Ohio – Surely you’ve seen them, the murals that decorate the sides of businesses in Parma. Polish Village and Ukrainian Village host the eight colorful murals currently in the city.

Get ready for the ninth. Create it if you want to.

Rudy Strudel & Bakery and Polish Village are announcing a contest for artists who want to take a shot at creating the mural that will be installed at Rudy's, located at 5580 Ridge Rd. The competition to create the mural is open to the public with no residency requirements. The completed 15 x 15 foot mural will be prominently displayed on the north wall of the bakery, visible to southbound traffic on Ridge Road.

“We couldn’t be more proud to be part of this community,” said Lidia Trempe, owner of Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery. “My grandmother from Poland, my mom, and me - three generations of women have had this business, and nothing makes us more proud than being part of Polish Village in Parma, Ohio. We’re privileged to be able to bring other people into this city when they come to Rudy’s.”

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter echoed Trempe’s comments. “People come from all over to Rudy’s and we’re so pleased that the bakery is here in Parma. Rudy’s is such a great partner for us, always willing to be part of community events and to help spread positivity about our city.”

The submission deadline for artists is January 7, 2016. The formal announcement of the winner is expected to be February 5, 2016. Sherba Industries of Brunswick will be installing the mural. Artists are asked to submit a 22.5 x 22.5 inch color rendition of their mural for judging. The winning artwork will be copied and enlarged to create the mural to be installed by Sherba.

“I’d like to encourage all artists out there to take a shot at this,” said Ward Two Councilwoman Debbie Lime, whose ward contains Rudy’s and Polish Village. “Rudy’s is such an iconic business in Polish Village and so many people come in just to go there. Now, everybody who passes the store will take notice. We’re so excited to see what kind of responses we get to the competition.”

Rules, criteria and application materials are available on the City of Parma’s website, located at www.Cityofparma-oh.gov, on the City of Parma Facebook page, in the lobby at Parma City Hall and at Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery.

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Oct 30, 2015
Press Release

Cities develop regional plan to address deer population
Parma residents can attend informational meeting on Nov. 16

PARMA, Ohio – Parma is set to join Broadview Heights, North Royalton, Parma Heights, Seven Hills, and Strongsville in introducing legislation to address the over-proliferation of deer in the area. If adopted, the legislation will ask voters to consider supporting a nuisance abatement initiative, to permit the limited hunting of white-tailed deer by crossbow or long bow by licensed individuals conducted from elevated platforms, under terms and conditions established by the State and City, and under the supervision of the respective police chiefs. The issue would be on the ballot on March 15, 2016.

An informational meeting for Parma residents will be held on Monday, November 16 regarding the legislation and ballot language; further details on the meeting will be forthcoming. Additionally, each community will appoint a representative to meet quarterly with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to explore, develop and implement long-term plans to safely and effectively manage the deer population, including non-lethal methods.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter reiterated his support for a collaborative approach. “We all realize that the deer issue is a problem,” he said. “We are pleased to be engaged with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and to be able to consider a regional approach to a problem we all share.”

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Oct 29, 2015
Press Release

Small Business Saturday kickoff activities planned

PARMA, Ohio – This is the third consecutive year that Parma small-business owners can expect a window sign announcing that Small Business Saturday is coming up and that Parma encourages you to “Shop Small Here.”

This year, the big day is Nov. 28.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Parma City Council have embraced the nation-wide designation of Small Business Saturday and will continue this year to educate residents about the Saturday after Thanksgiving - the day after Black Friday – and to encourage them to participate.

Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010 and is celebrated every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The idea is that, even if rabid consumers insist on shopping on Black Friday, they can also support their local economy on Small Business Saturday.

“I think we’ve done a terrific job of raising awareness about the day itself and about what Parma has to offer local shoppers,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “This is a project that can, at very little cost to us, have a very big impact on our local small business economy. It’s just a matter of educating our resident consumers about what is right here around them. Parma is the perfect place to shop small – we have a lot of different kinds of small businesses … everything from European bakeries to comic book stores.”

The official kick-off begins at the Nov. 2 Parma City Council meeting, during which Council members will receive signs that they can begin distributing. Dave Nedrich, President of the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, will be on hand as well.

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Oct 21, 2015
Press Release

Key to the City to be awarded posthumously
Jim Konya Jr., Parma musician, dreamed of this honor

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter will honor metal drummer Jim Konya Jr., who recently passed away at 44 after a series of strokes, with a Key to the City presented posthumously. Konya’s parents, Jim Sr. and Linda, will accept the award on their son’s behalf at the presentation, scheduled for Nov. 19 at 6:45 p.m. at the Parma Snow Library Branch auditorium.

Nearly 400 people have expressed an interest in attending the presentation to witness the honor that the musician told friends he wished for.

The Mayor was notified of Konya’s love for his hometown by a dedicated group of the musician’s friends who started a petition for the honor. The petition gained more than 1,700 signatures in less than 24 hours. Konya has been called “the heart and soul of the Cleveland metal music scene for more than 30 years” by local music writers.

The creator of the petition asked that the Key to the City be presented as a way of symbolizing “a great man and a great citizen of your city.” Another friend summed up Konya’s devotion to Parma this way: “(Jim)… was the man from Parma, and Konya IS Parma. … People in Thailand, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, people who don't even know a word of English, know one word after tour encounters. They know the word ‘Parma.’ They get that from him.”

Another fan said in a Facebook post, “I, like I'm sure many metalheads outside of Ohio, know of Parma because of Konya and have always wanted to check out Parma solely because of him. Kudos to Mayor DeGeeter for looking beyond the stage persona and giving recognition to a great man who always championed the state and city he called home.”

Mayor DeGeeter said, “It became clear to me very quickly that Jim Konya is very important to many people, and that Parma was very important to Jim Konya. This is the right thing to do, and I am honored to do it.”

The Key to the City presentation is open to the public.

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Oct 19, 2015
Press Release

Treat & Greet, Halloween trick-or-treating scheduled
Mayor urges extra caution from motorists during Halloween events

PARMA, Ohio – City of Parma trick-or-treat will be officially observed on Halloween night, Saturday, Oct. 31, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. While Parma youngsters are out enjoying this seasonal treat, Mayor Tim DeGeeter urges motorists to use extra caution, especially on neighborhood streets where children could dart out unexpectedly. Parma Police will be using extra auxiliary support during that time, with more cruisers out in neighborhoods.

“We appreciate the extra support of the Parma Police,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “Obviously, the most important thing is for our kids and families to enjoy a safe Halloween experience.”

Another Halloween tradition in Parma is the Polish Village Treat & Greet event, during which kids and families visit participating merchants to trick-or-treat. The event, in its fifth year, is scheduled for Oct. 24 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. along Ridge Road in Polish Village. Those who want to make the most of Treat & Greet should first stop at 5790 Ridge Road, which is Treat & Greet headquarters, to pick up a map and a passport with participating businesses listed on it and a space for the merchant to stamp when it has been visited. At the end of the day, passports returned to headquarters will be entered for drawings and prizes. Last year, 40 businesses participated.

“This event has grown every year and this year, we are looking for the biggest and best Treat & Greet yet,” said Ward Two Councilwoman Debbie Lime. “It’s great fun for the kids and also gets good exposure for our businesses in Polish Village.”

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July 22, 2015
Press Release

Habitat for Humanity ReStore collection at City Hall on Aug. 1

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma will host a Habitat for Humanity household materials collection day to help the organization collect items for its ReStore program.

On August 1, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., residents can bring usable household items and fixtures to the parking lot at City Hall, at the corner of Ridge and W. Ridgewood, where a truck will be parked for collections. Habitat for Humanity is asking the community to donate useable household and construction/renovation materials to assist their mission of providing adequate housing.

Donated items will be sold in Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore program, a resale discount store making household items and furnishings accessible to complete the new houses. To locate a Habitat ReStore near you, use this link: http://www.habitat.org/env/restores.aspx.

Habitat can use all household fixtures, ranges, refrigerators, freezers, kitchen counters/cabinets, toilets, sinks, vanities, plumbing fixtures/supplies, electrical fixtures/materials, tools, tile, blocks/bricks, landscaping items/materials, left-over constructions materials. They are not accepting paint, bedding or clothing.

Arrangements can be made for pick-up of larger items by calling 216-429-3631. A tax receipt will be given. Drop off your items on Saturday, August 1 from 9 – 1 p.m. at the parking lot at City Hall.

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July 21, 2015
Press Release

Six-year-old Harry Gilleland wins first pitch honors

PARMA, Ohio – This year, six-year-old Parma resident Harry Gilleland will have the opportunity of a lifetime - throwing out the first pitch at Progressive Field as the Cleveland Indians take on the Kansas City Royals on Parma Night.

HarryGilleland.jpgView full size
Six-year-old Parma resident Harry Gilleland will be throwing out the first pitch at Progressive Field July 28th.

This year’s Parma Night game is July 28 at Progressive Field. Normally, the first-pitch honors would be given to the mayor, however, for the last four years Mayor Tim DeGeeter has given his opportunity away to a lucky Parma kid in attendance.

Harry’s name was drawn from a pool of other eligible Parma youngsters, and he couldn’t be more excited to have been picked.

“He can’t stop talking about it” according to his mom, Courtney.

Harry plays tee-ball on the Parma Rec team sponsored by PAAF, and he says he loves batting and practicing with his dad, Nick, in the backyard. The Gillelands have been to a number of Indians games before, but this one will be special.

“We’ve really loved this aspect of Parma Night at Progressive Field,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “The community gets into it, too, and youngsters all over Parma hope they’ll be the winner. We’re happy for Harry, and we’re sure it’ll be a night he will never forget. I am looking forward to being out there with him.”

Also special for Parma Night will be a parade around the field for Parma‘s youth recreational sports teams.

Go Tribe!

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July 6, 2015
Press Release

New Executive Director named for Parma Public Housing Agency
Priscilla Pointer-Hicks has interim tag removed, assumes leadership immediately

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter is pleased to announce that Priscilla Pointer-Hicks has been appointed Executive Director of the Parma Public Housing Agency. This appointment removes the “interim” tag under which she has been serving since mid-February; Pointer-Hicks’ new appointment begins immediately.

DSCF1509.JPGView full size
Priscilla Pointer-Hicks has been appointed Executive Director of the Parma Public Housing Agency.

The appointment came after the mayor met with members of a search committee he had appointed to look for candidates to fill the position. DeGeeter recommended to the committee that a search was no longer necessary and that he recommended Pointer-Hicks stay on as permanent director. Pointer-Hicks also has the support of City Council President Sean Brennan, from whom the committee received a letter of recommendation on her behalf.

“I have nothing but respect for Priscilla, and she has done an outstanding job as interim director,” said Mayor DeGeeter. “I have full faith in her leadership in this position. She is an excellent choice.”

The former director of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, Pointer-Hicks was appointed as interim in mid-February by DeGeeter after the previous director of the agency resigned. Pointer-Hicks said she is excited to fill this role officially.

“I am very pleased to have the ‘interim’ tag removed and to undertake the challenge of leading the Parma Public Housing Agency,” she said. “I am very grateful for the support of Mayor DeGeeter and the confidence he places in me with this appointment. Because of my background and experience at the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, I feel that I am appropriately qualified to lead this agency with the integrity and respect that it deserves.”

The informal search committee, which was assembled by Mayor DeGeeter, had originally included Pointer-Hicks. The Mayor removed her from the committee when she became interested in filling the position long-term. The committee was comprised of a number of local housing experts and officials, as well as the current chairman of the Housing Board, Ward One Councilman Vito Dipierro.

Members included:

Committee chairman Mike Foley, a former state representative who was just appointed as director of Cuyahoga County’s Department of Sustainability, who also served as executive director of the Cleveland tenants organization.

Peter Iskin, former managing attorney of the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland's Housing Practice Group and chair of the CMHA the Board of Commissioners from 1981-1985.

Phil Star, former Executive in Residence at the Urban Center in Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affair, former director of the Cleveland Tenants Organization, and chair of the Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Coalition.

Doug Shelby, former Cleveland HUD Field Office Director who served in that role for 17 years.

Vito Dipierro, Parma Ward One Councilman who also serves as chairman of the Parma Housing Board.

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June 12, 2015
Press Release

Mayor’s Movie Night Out event scheduled for July 18
“Paddington” will be shown at James Day Park

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter invites Parma residents to join him for a popular free family event, Mayor’s Movie Night Out. This year, the city is hosting an outdoor viewing of the movie “Paddington” on Saturday July 18 at James Day Park.

The movie will be shown on a screen measuring 26 feet by 15 feet, with bring-your-own seating on soccer fields 1 & 2. Residents are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy this screening. A concession stand will be open and available to attendees.

“Paddington” will start at approximately 9 p.m., but the gates will open at 7 p.m. For those who arrive early, there will be carnival games and corn hole available for fun before the movie begins.

“I encourage Parma residents to come out and enjoy the evening of fun and entertainment,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “It’s a free event that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.”

In case of inclement weather, the rain date for this event is scheduled for the following Saturday, July 25.

“This has been a very popular event in past years,” said Mickey Vittardi, the city’s Parks & Recreation Director, “and we’re pleased that we can do it again this year.”

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June 10, 2015
Press Release

City of Parma’s Christmas in July food drive underway

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma announces the return of its annual Christmas in July food drive. Between mid-June and mid-July, canned and non-perishable food items will be collected in boxes placed throughout the city; items collected will be donated to the Parma Hunger Center.

Christmas in July began because of the need for donations during the summer months. Often, after the holidays pass, food donation is forgotten and donations decrease. Additionally, when Parma’s kids are out of school the need for donations becomes greater.

Wrapped collection boxes have been distributed around town and are available at, among other places, City Hall, Parma libraries, UH Parma Medical Center, Tri-C West, Parma Recreation Department and Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery.

Additionally, donations can be brought to the Independence Day parade on July 4. Volunteers will be walking along the parade route collecting food donations from parade-goers.

“This is an opportunity for all of us to chip in and help those among us who are less fortunate,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “The Parma Hunger Center does great work, and we are pleased to be able to help with their mission.”

All non-perishable canned or boxed food will be accepted and donated to the Parma Hunger Center.

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May 29, 2015
Press Release

National Craigslist scam hits Parma

PARMA, Ohio – City of Parma Law Director Tim Dobeck has been notified of a Craigslist scam that occurred in the City of Parma, a scam that places potential renters of residential property at risk.

A resident of Parma, who is the executor of his deceased parents’ estate, put their residence up for sale with a national real estate company.

Apparently, sometime later, an individual with an Austin, Texas area code posted a listing on Craigslist soliciting the property for rent. As a result of that listing, several people have asked the sellers whether the home is for sale or for rent. They also indicated that they had seen three identical listings for the house on the Multiple Listing Service and Craigslist, except for the fact that the Craigslist ad indicated that the house was for rent.

City of Parma Police Department Lieutenant Kevin Riley stated that this scam is a national problem. The scammers copy the legitimate listing and re-post it to a Craigslist ad saying that the property is for rent. Then, if they get someone to respond, they accept a security deposit or first month’s rent, even though they have no legitimate interest in the property and in fact may never have ever been in the state of Ohio.

Law Director Dobeck is very concerned that this scam has reached our city and stated, “Everyone must be diligent in their financial affairs, especially when sending money out of state to a party they do not know.”

He also advised that if any one suspects a scam of this nature, they should call the Parma Police at 440-885-1234.

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May 28, 2015
Press Release

Parma Night at Progressive Field scheduled for July 28

First pitch raffle available for Parma residents under 18

PARMA, Ohio – Once again, the City of Parma is holding a Parma Night at Progressive Field. This year’s event will take place at Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland on Tuesday, July 28. The Cleveland Indians will be taking on the Kansas City Royals, and the game will begin at 7:05 p.m.

In addition to the baseball game, Parma Night attendees will experience a few other special privileges. There will be a pre-game parade on the Indians’ field, open to all Parma kids and coaches involved in Parma Rec sports teams who are at the game. Additionally, this year’s Parma Night falls on the Indians’ promotional Dollar Dog Night, so attendees will be able to purchase the stadium’s signature Sugardale hot dogs for a dollar each.

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity for those considering attending Parma Night is the Mayor’s First Pitch raffle. Following his own tradition, Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter is giving up his opportunity to throw out the first pitch and choosing instead to create a raffle for all Parma kids who purchase tickets. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is open to children who are Parma residents, aged 17 or younger, who purchase tickets in advance. The Mayor has given up this privilege for the last three Parma Nights, creating a chance for Parma’s youth that very few people ever get to experience.

“That has been a really fun part of Parma Night for me,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “Sharing the first-pitch experience with Parma families has been really great. I look forward to sharing this with another Parma family this year. I can’t wait to find out who our winner will be.”

The drawing will take place after tickets are sold out or returned to the Indians, which is likely to be about a week before the game.

Tickets are now available for purchase the Parma Recreation department, located at 7335 Ridge Road, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Parma Night tickets are $15.00 for lower box seats and all the fun that goes along with it.

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May 15, 2015
Press Release

Parma Youth Commission Seeking Applicants for 2015-2016 Term

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma Youth Commission is seeking applicants in grades 9 through 12 who are interested in taking a more active role in their community and helping to make Parma a better place for young people to live and thrive. During its inaugural year last year, members were involved in numerous shadowing, volunteer and charitable activities. Those involved will be given opportunities to participate in local government, network with community business and non-profit leaders, and plan and implement community service projects. However, volunteer participants generally drive the direction of the program.

Created by Mayor Tim DeGeeter and led by program director City Council President Sean Brennan, the ultimate hope of the Commission is to ensure that city leaders become more in touch with the City’s youth and to build a corps of youth leaders.

“Our youth are the future of our community, but sometimes they don’t feel valued,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “The Youth Commission gives our youth a stake in the community to help make them realize that they are important residents and have a responsibility to get involved and to make a difference.”

Adds Brennan: “I wholeheartedly agree with the Mayor’s vision for our youth. By giving young men and women a voice and empowering them, the potential new ideas, opportunities and positive results for the community as a whole are endless.”

Efforts will be made to ensure that the group includes voices from all nine wards, both genders and is reflective of Parma’s diverse ethnic and racial makeup. Public, private and home-schooled students are welcome to apply. Meetings will take place about once a month, but may
include more as the group plans its activities. It is envisioned that the meetings will involve members talking about issues facing the city’s youth, including safety, education, youth programs, recreation, etc. However, the hope is that the Commission, its discussions, tasks and decisions will be youth-driven in large part. Applications are available on the home page of the City of Parma website at

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Apr. 22, 2015
Press Release

Parma announces hires of new fire chief and assistant fire chief

PARMA, Ohio – Parma today announced the hiring for its top two Fire Department positions.

Captain Michael Lasky will be promoted to become the city’s new Fire Chief, and Captain Anthony Dalesio will be named new Assistant Chief. They will replace Chief John French and Assistant Chief Dennis Ryan, who are vacating the positions due to retirement.

Lasky has been with the Parma Fire Department since 1995. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008 and has served as Captain since January 2013. He will assume the duties of Fire Chief upon the retirement of French this summer.

Dalesio, who has been serving in the role of interim Assistant Chief since Ryan’s retirement in February, was hired as a firefighter and paramedic in 1986, and has steadily risen through the ranks as Lieutenant and Captain. He will immediately assume the duties as Assistant Chief.

Safety Director Greg Baeppler had this to say after announcing the promotions: “We had the luxury of interviewing four extremely good candidates for these jobs. We are confident that we have chosen well, and that our new chief and assistant chief will provide outstanding leadership for the department.”

Baeppler also praised the service of outgoing Chief French and Assistant Chief Ryan. “We appreciate the years of service and leadership they have provided, and we wish them well in retirement.” French was with the department since 1983, and Ryan since 1982.

Said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter, who was also on the selection committee: “I am impressed by the caliber of the candidates who applied for these positions. I look forward to working with Chief Lasky and Assistant Chief Dalesio.”

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Apr. 22, 2015
Press Release

Polish Constitution Day activities announced

PARMA, Ohio – The Ohio Division of the Polish American Congress, in conjunction with the City of Parma, will hold its 67th annual Polish Constitution Day Parade on Sunday, May 3 at 2 p.m. The parade will start at Parma Circle on Ridge Road and continue north to Snow Road. Following the parade, there will be an after-party behind Unity Catholic Credit Union on Ridge Road. Polish food will be provided by several vendors.

The honor of the grand marshal is bestowed posthumously this year on John Borkowski, past president of the Polish American Congress Ohio Division, who passed away shortly after the parade last year. Borkowski was former president of the Alliance of Poles in America, also former president of St. John Paul II Foundation and was a member and officer of many other organizations in Polonia. He was the leader of the John Borkowski Orchestra for 32 years.

Also, during the reception after the parade, Henryk Lapinski will be awarded the highest civilian award of the Polish government, the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity.

The weekend’s festivities will begin on Saturday, May 2 with the Miss Polonia and Jr. Miss Polonia contests, from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. at the St. Charles Social Hall, 5891 Ridge Road. Before the parade on Sunday, those interested can attend a wreath laying ceremony at 9 a.m. at the Pulaski Cannon next to Cleveland City Hall. Polish Mass will follow at 10:30 at St. Charles Church in Parma.

Also Sunday morning, the St. Charles Youth Group is holding a pancake breakfast at the church’s social hall. The $10 admission will be used toward the group’s trip to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland later this year.

Polish Constitution Day celebrates Poland’s May 3, 1791 adoption of the first constitution of its type in Europe which was a milestone in Poland’s – and the world’s – legal history, as well as in the history of democracy.

For more information about the activities and to make reservations for Miss Polonia contests, please call Allan Szuflada at 330-659-9465 or Mark Relovsky at 216-970-0507.

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Apr. 17, 2015
Press Release

Parma’s annual Safety Fair is April 25

PARMA, Ohio – The city’s annual Safety Fair, a community event for area residents to learn valuable safety information, is scheduled for Saturday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Parma Justice Center, 5555 Powers Blvd.

The event is a cooperative effort of the Parma Fire Department, Parma Police Department, City of Parma and Parma City Council. The highlight of the Safety Fair comes at noon this year, as that is when the Medevac Chopper is scheduled to land. The Fair also includes a grease fire demonstration, a K-9 demonstration and information about gun safety, fingerprinting, Internet safety and much more.

“This annual event is something that families really look forward to attending,” said Mayor DeGeeter, who will be attending with his family. “It’s educational and fun for the whole family.”

In addition to the Safety Fair, a community shredding event will also be held on the same day in the same area – an adjacent parking lot of the Medical Arts Building #4. For the shredding event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Parma residents should bring identification – a driver’s license or utility bill – and also a donation of canned or non-perishable food items for the Parma Hunger Center, which will be on-site collecting the food items.

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Feb. 18, 2015
Press Release

2015 State of the City Address

PARMA, Ohio – Please join Mayor DeGeeter and our administration at OSG USA, Inc., 12502 Plaza Drive, on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at 7 p.m.

Plenty of parking is available on‐site and also at Commercial Traffic Company directly across the street. Those parked at OSG can enter from the parking lot through the Will Call door.

We hope to see you there!

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Jan. 27, 2015

NEO's Best Wings: Even Santa stops by Good Olde Daze in Parma

PARMA, Ohio – Tommy Shaver opened Good Olde Daze because he thought it would be "really cool" to own a bar. 

Thirty-two years later, half of the bar's business is food -- including the peanut butter-covered Tommy Burger and the spicy Six Pepper wings. Shaver, of Seven Hills, said he hasn't expanded because the one bar is "really hard work."

"I was 26 years old, and all I knew is I wanted to own a bar with a kitchen," Shaver said.

He said his best sellers are either the wings or burgers. The restaurant was the top votegetter in the southwest Cuyahoga County region of the "NEO's Best: Wings" contest. It has weekly specials, such as 50-cent wings on Thursdays. Click here to check out the menu.

The bar, located at 6001 State Road in Parma's Ukrainian Village, is family friendly, with a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. Mayor Tim DeGeeter was there.

"In Parma we have lots and lots of establishments to enjoy wings, but Tommy really runs a nice place and serves good food," DeGeeter said.

The mayor also said he is a fan of the Good Olde Daze billboard on State Road. Shaver said he likes to switch up the sign to make people laugh.

The current language?

"Thanks for voting us best wings in our region at cleveland.com."

Good Olde Daze is currently No. 1 in the People's Choice voting.

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Dec. 5, 2014

Northeast Ohio teens to compete on 47th season of TV's 'Academic Challenge'

PARMA, Ohio – Students from Parma High School, Charles F. Brush High School in Lyndhurst, and GlenOak High School in Canton will appear Saturday at 7 p.m. on the 47th season premier of "Academic Challenge" on WEWS Channel 5.

Over the season, students from 78 schools throughout Northeast Ohio will compete for $20,000 from Westfield Insurance. The money goes to the top 10 teams and must be used by their schools to assist the educational needs of their students.

Each Saturday night, the shows three teams of students competing each week, answering questions current events, history, math, science and other topics. At the seasons' end, the three highest scoring teams return for the championship match.

The championship will air June 27, 2015.

"I think what makes it long-lasting is the fact it is a local show," said "Academic Challenge" producer Steve Kurrent. "There is a local connection to it. These are local schools in your community you can root on. You might even know some of the kids."

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Dec. 2, 2014

Parma council plans for new town center

PARMA, Ohio – Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Executive Director Glenn Coyne on Monday presented ideas for a Parma town center to City Council.

The goal of Coyne's task force is to create a plan for the town center based around Ridge Road and West Ridgewood Drive that features the renovated Shoppes at Parma, the Parma branch of the Cuyahoga Community Library, City Hall, Byers Field and University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

One idea presented was to include a park-like area with a walking and bike path, and council liked the suggestion.

Council President Sean Brennan said he hopes the revitalized mall and new town center will keep people in Parma and attract new visitors.

The task force came up with 44 recommendations and divided those into three groups: transportation, design guidelines and branding, Coyne said.

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Dec. 2, 2014
Press Release

Holiday Lights Contest rules announced

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma has announced rules for its 2014 Holiday Lights Contest.

The contest has steadily gained in popularity, and this year, rules give Parma residents complete say over nominations and voting.

"We have a lot of residents who are very proud of their property," Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. "In the summer, people can see well-kept yards and gardens. This contest gives people a chance to show off their properties in the winter as well. It's a chance to have fun and get in the holiday spirit."

Official rules of the contest are:

1. Beginning Dec. 1, until Dec. 15, any home in the Parma City limits can be nominated by any person. Nominations can be sent by e-mail to HolidayLights@cityofparma-oh.gov, by U.S. mail to Holiday Lights Contest, 6611 Ridge Road, Parma, OH, 44129 or dropped into a ballot box at City Hall.

2. On Dec. 17, the top two vote-getters in each of Parma’s nine wards, plus the next 12-highest nominated properties regardless of ward – 30 houses in all - will be announced as finalists. Those addresses will be made available on the City’s Facebook page, Twitter, the City’s website and posted in City Hall and the Donna Smallwood Activities Center.

3. From Dec. 17 through Dec. 28, votes can be cast for any of those 30 nominated properties. Votes can be cast by e-mail to HolidayLights@cityofparma-oh.gov, by U.S. mail to Holiday Lights Contest, 6611 Ridge Road, Parma, OH, 44129 or dropped into the ballot box at City Hall.

FULL NAME AND ADDRESS must accompany every vote. Votes that do not contain name and address information will be invalid and WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

4. Voters may vote for more than one property, but not for the same property twice - one vote per property per person.

5. Winners – an overall Grand Prize Winner, second place and third place, and winners in each Ward – will be announced on Dec. 31st.

"This contest has shown that Parma has a lot of residents who really like to get into the festive spirit," Mayor DeGeeter said. "We are looking forward to going out and looking at all the holiday lights this year."


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Nov. 6, 2014
Press Release

Small Business Saturday activities kick off Friday

PARMA, Ohio – Small Business Saturday has become something of a local big deal in Parma. Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Parma City Council would have it no other way. In the past two years, City leaders have taken extra steps to educate residents about the Saturday after Thanksgiving - the day after Black Friday – and to encourage them to participate.

On Friday, Mayor DeGeeter, along with Chamber of Commerce President Dave Nedrich and members of City Council, will kick off activities leading to Small Business Saturday, which falls on Nov. 29 this year. The group will begin at 1 p.m. at Rudy’s Strudel (5580 Ridge Road), where the first 2014 Small Business Saturday poster will be placed in a window. After Rudy’s, the group will travel to Breads & Beyond Bakery (5578 State Road) at approximately 1:30-1:45 p.m., to La Bakery Boutique (5721 State Road) at about 2 p.m. and finally, to Gentile’s (5626 Broadview Road) at about 2:30 p.m.

Leading up to Nov. 29, posters that urge “Support Small Business – Shop Small Here” will be distributed by city council members to independent businesses in their ward.

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Oct. 30, 2014

General Motors Foundation donates $25,000 to local charities, organizations

PARMA, Ohio – The General Motors Foundation donated $25,000 to local charities and organizations Thursday at the Parma plant.

This is the fourth year the GM Foundation gave Plant City Grants to community organizations near the Parma facility, which is the largest employer in the city.

"We are fortunate and proud to be a part of a company and community that works together to help those in need," said Parma Plant Manager Al McLaughlin.

The foundation donated $2,500 to the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Big Creek Connects--formerly Friends of Big Creek -- received $5,000 each. United Way of Greater Cleveland, an organization that focuses on education, received $10,000.

"We are so grateful," said Jo Anne Clemens of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. "Because of the GM Foundation, we will be able to provide 20,000 meals to those in need."

In total, the GM Foundation donated about $1.7 million to 209 organizations in 45 plant cities this year, said GM Foundation Vice President Lori Wingerter.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter thanked the GM Foundation for "all its great work."

"The GM stamping plant, and the auto industry, is such an important part of Parma, and we are grateful for the continued investment that GM makes in our community, both at the stamping plant and charitably," DeGeeter said. "We are most appreciative for the continued support by the GM Foundation for local charities in Northeast Ohio, including the Friends of Big Creek. Job well done to all GM employees who make this happen."

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Oct. 28, 2014
Press Release

Mayor, Police Chief encourage Safety First on Halloween

PARMA, Ohio – The Parma Police Department will add extra vehicle and foot patrols on Halloween night to ensure the safety of trick-or-treaters. Trick or treating in Parma is scheduled for 6-8 on Halloween night, Friday, October 31.

“Our goal, as always, is a safe and happy Halloween for everybody, for the kids and the parents who take them out for Trick or Treat,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “I encourage drivers to be extra watchful for kids in or near the street and to drive slowly and with care.”

Between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Halloween, PPD’s Traffic Unit will be patrolling city neighborhoods to handle any traffic issues that arise, and the Target Oriented Patrol officers will be watching for any suspicious people or activity.

Parma’s uniformed Auxiliary officers will also be patrolling the city. The Parma Auxiliary Police have been assisting the Parma Police Department on Halloween night for the past several years. Auxiliary police will also be providing service to Parma Heights.


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Oct. 3, 2014

New retailers join the Shoppes at Parma

PARMA, Ohio – On October 2, the Shoppes at Parma announced that SportsClips Haircuts, H&R Block and GNC will join the existing lineup of retailers in the strip center that is anchored by Marc's grocery.

The exterior of the strip mall received several upgrades this summer.  Some of the improvements include removing the old awning system, adding new brick features, replacing all store front windows, pouring new side sidewalks, adding storefront awnings and signage.

"Renovations to the existing strip center continue to attract interest from new retailers," said Robyn Hays, Senior Leasing Director at The Shoppes at Parma. "This is an exciting time for The Shoppes at Parma and the community. The addition of these retailers will add convenience and variety for the shopper."

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Sep. 24, 2014

New Shoppes at Parma mostly enclosed; redeveloped Parmatown Mall to be centerpiece of town center

PARMA, Ohio – Optimists have long been anticipating the new Shoppes at Parma, the redeveloped Parmatown Mall, hoping for a Trader Joe's or the town-center feel of Crocker Park.

The Shoppes have yet to release a store list, though a new Chipotle is on the way. And most of the shopping center will be enclosed, rather than open-air like Crocker.

But Mayor Tim DeGeeter said the development will be the "centerpiece" of a revitalized central Parma.

"The Shoppes at Parma is being transformed into a hybrid mixed-used development that will include a strip center, enclosed mall, power center, restaurants and out lots," said Michelle Devlin, operations manager for the Shoppes at Parma. "It will have a very different feel from that of Crocker Park. Portions of The Shoppes at Parma will still be enclosed."

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Sep. 22, 2014

Parma's 'Flamingo Fever' event was a pink success

PARMA, Ohio – When Flamingo Fever hits, you never know what effect it's going to have on you. In the case of a number of local artists, it meant decorating a basic pink lawn ornament in a variety of ways for charity.

At the Flamingo Fever Banquet and Auction Sept. 20 at St. Charles Borromeo Parish Hall, the organizers of the event and the Polish Village Association invited the public to come out and bid on their favorite flamingo.

In the case of Mayor Tim DeGeeter, it was the Notre Dame flamingo. DeGeeter grew up in the shadow of Notre Dame and had the flamingo on display in his office at City Hall prior to the event. DeGeeter's bid trumped all the others, and he took it home with him.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Debbie Lime was one of the organizers of the event. Lime and Debbie Matis provided the Polish-style buffet that was served that night.

Parma residents Annamaria McDonald and her daughter Sofia, a fifth-grader at Shiloh Middle School, created two of the entries that were auctioned off that night.

The People's Choice Award winner was "Glamingo" by Kathy Kijek.

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Aug. 24, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hits Parma City Hall

PARMA, Ohio – Celebrities, athletes, politicians, your friends, family and coworkers have all done it. Now, the social media fad is spreading through Parma government. Mayor Tim DeGeeter was nominated by his college roommate to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised nine times more money for the ALS Assoiation than last year. DeGeeter challenged three members of council. By now, eight members of council and many other Parma officials have taken the challenge.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a disease that affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. It is often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease," after the former New York Yankees baseball player who was diagnosed with the degenerative disease in 1939.

Through the challenge the nominee can either dump water on his or her head or donate $100. Most people have chosen to donate and dump.

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Aug. 28, 2014
Press Release

Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn announce partnership

Three communities will share Regional Safety Forces Dispatch Center

PARMA, Ohio – The cities of Parma, Parma Heights and Brooklyn have agreed to partner to form a consolidated safety forces dispatch center.

The facility will be located in Parma, and cost sharing will be based on the populations of each city and the individual 9-1-1 call activity. Cuyahoga County is offering grants to projects that involve three or more communities; this project team will try to secure such a grant.

There are many benefits to consolidation, the most obvious being improved service to the residents and more efficient handling of emergency dispatch and response. Currently Brooklyn and Parma Heights do not offer Emergency Medical Dispatch - EMD - which is a program in which a dispatcher can talk a caller through some immediate assistance to a person while awaiting an ambulance. Parma dispatchers are familiar with EMD, and now the residents of Brooklyn and Parma Heights will also have access.

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Aug. 21, 2014
Press Release

Parma Mayor urges extra caution at new school year

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter urges area motorists to drive with extra caution because local schools are back in session. Area Catholic schools are already in session, and Parma City School District begins class instruction on Monday.

“We like to remind motorists every year, that while our kids are learning their ABC’s, we have to keep ours in mind, too – Always Be Cautious,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “We urge all drivers to be especially careful this time of year because there are kids out and about near the streets.”

School zones require that motorists slow to 20 miles per hour in marked areas. During the first few weeks of school, it is critically important that motorists keep an extra eye out for kids unused to traffic who might dart out into the street.

“We should all be careful in a school zone anyway, at all hours,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “Safety is our number one priority. We want everyone – teachers, students, administrators, parents – to all have a safe and productive school year.”

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Aug. 5, 2014


PARMA, Ohio – On August 23, 2014, the Ukrainian-American community and the City of Parma will host a grand parade in Parma’s Ukrainian Village to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.  The parade will start at 11:00am from Grantwood Drive and will proceed north on State Road to St Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral.  In addition to numerous Ukrainian-American youth, social, religious, business and dance organizations, the parade participants will include local High School bands, representatives from other ethnic communities as well as Ukrainian Village businesses.

This year’s Grand Marshal of the parade is Roman Bodnaruk, owner of Ohio Export Corporation.  Ohio Export has been in business for over 55 years right in the heart of Ukrainian Village.

Following the parade, a short program will commence that will include the raising of the flags of the United States and Ukraine at the Ukrainian Heritage Park.

We invite all residents in the City of Parma and neighboring communities to join us and celebrate this special occasion in Ukrainian Village.

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Aug. 13, 2014

Parma 60 and older softball league honoring former Mayor James Day Sr. by dedicating a plaque in his memory

PARMA, Ohio – The Huff-N-Puffers Senior Softball League is honoring former Parma Mayor James Day Sr. Wednesday by dedicating a plaque in his memory.

Day, who died in 2010 at the age of 86, served as mayor in the 1960s. The dedication ceremony will be at 2:30 p.m. at the James Day Park pavilion. Parma resident Ray Page said the plaque will be placed on the pavilion.

Page, who has been president of the Huff-N-Puffers for eight years, said he knew Day well from various Parma functions and events.

"I think this a good event," Page said. "I feel this is very appropriate because he was such a great man."

The softball league is comprised of 275 members who are 60 and older, and Page said Day came to many of their games and events.

"He really cared about this city and about its people," Page said. "We just wanted to do this to show that we appreciated him and all he did."

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Aug. 5, 2014
Press Release

Mayor DeGeeter welcomes new leader of UH Parma Medical Center

PARMA, Ohio – Earlier today, an important announcement came out of UH Parma Medical Center: Nancy Tinsley will take over as the hospital’s President.  Formerly, Tinsley was the Vice President of Institute Clinical Operations at Case Medical Center.

Immediately following the announcement, Mayor Tim DeGeeter welcomed Tinsley and praised the hospital for its choice.

“Parma Medical Center is one of the city’s largest employers, and it is clear that, with this choice, the hospital is in good hands,” the Mayor said. “Nancy has risen within the UH system, and after having met with her, I can see that she holds a vision for moving the hospital forward. She has a real understanding of Parma, and she cares about the community as a whole. I congratulate Nancy and the UH system for this appointment.”

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(read the Plain Dealer article ...)


Aug. 4, 2014
Press Release

Town Center Task Force asks for more public input

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced a follow-up Public Input Forum regarding the work of his Town Center Task Force. The Forum will be held on Wednesday, August 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the Parma Library, 6996 Powers Blvd.

The Task Force has met several times over the past eight months to discuss the future of Parma’s Town Center. The geographic area of the Town Center includes The Shoppes at Parma, Stearns Farm, the Day Drive corridor, Parma City Hall, The Parma Library, Byers Field and the University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

The Task Force has had one public input meeting and now, in this second one, is ready to present new findings and ideas and gather more public opinion. “This is what it’s all about,” said Mayor DeGeeter. “The Town Center is for the residents, and we want them to be involved in this process of bringing it to life.”

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Executive Director Glenn Coyne serves as facilitator of the Task Force.

The Task Force is comprised of many different Parma stakeholders that fall within the footprint of the Town Center. Among these are the Parma City School District, Parma Hospital, Proud of Parma, the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, Parma Library and the West Creek Conservancy, Phillips-Edison, First Energy and RTA. Parma’s Ward Eight City Councilman Scott Tuma, whose ward encompasses the Town Center, is also on the panel.

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July 24, 2014

From Parma to Queens, with love: Parma Postings

PARMA, Ohio – Natasha Pogrebinsky left Parma, but her love for Parma has never left her.

Natasha is the chef/owner of Bear, a "New European Cuisine" restaurant in Queens, N.Y., and has been a featured guest on "Chopped" on the Food Network.

Pogrebinsky and her business partner and brother, Sasha, grew up in Parma from the age of 10. They moved here with their parents, Lena and Alexander, from Kiev, Ukraine.

Natasha attended St. Josephat School and then went to Normandy, graduating in 1999. She then went to Case Western Reserve University for a year and then to Cleveland State. She taught high school history in Cleveland and New York City, but never gave up her dream of becoming a chef and owning her own restaurant.

After attending culinary school in New York, she and Sasha opened Bear seven years ago, and the reviews were consistently positive. Natasha's love of Ukrainian cooking and what she calls "real food" made her a popular guest on "Chopped."

First and foremost, however, Natasha is proud to be from Parma and was home to visit her parents recently, where she was given a proclamation from Mayor DeGeeter in honor of her and Sasha's accomplishments. DeGeeter had "friended" Natasha on the Parma homepage on Facebook, and when he and his wife took a 15th anniversary trip to New York City, Natasha invited them to Bear for dinner. They've kept in touch since then.

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July 16, 2014

Parma city officials walked the streets Tuesday for the annual safety walk

PARMA, Ohio – Parma resident Anthony Matis answered a knock at his door and was surprised to find the mayor and a police officer on his front porch Tuesday evening.

"It's not every day that the mayor is on your steps," Matis said. "I thought someone had died or something bad was happening on the street."

However, that wasn't the case. Mayor Tim DeGeeter and George Balasko, the commander of Parma's volunteer auxiliary unit, were there to greet residents for the eighth annual Parma Safety Walkabout.

"This is a participatory program for a more secure Parma, and it's also a great opportunity for residents to meet city officials and tell us their concerns," DeGeeter said.

DeGeeter and Blasko were joined by Parma Police Chief Robert Miller, Safety Director Greg Baeppler, Council President Sean Brennan, Councilman Brian Day and Lt. Tom Vedouras, an auxiliary officer.

The city officials went to every house on Englewood and Dawnwood drives in Ward Four. The goal for the walk was to meet residents and hear about life on their street.

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July 15, 2014

City of Parma to host free outdoor movie night July 19

PARMA, Ohio – Lovers of Legos and movies are in for a treat Saturday, July 19 as The Lego Movie will be shown at the city of Parma's outdoor movie night.

The free event will take place at James Day Park, located at 11828 W. Pleasant Valley Road.

The movie will be shown on a screen located on soccer fields 1 and 2. A concession stand will be available for refreshments.

Gates open at 7:30 p.m. with the movie beginning at approximately 9 p.m. There will also be corn hole and carnival games.

City officials urge moviegoers to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets. In case of rain, the movie night will take place July 26.

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July 13, 2014

Parma residents show their pride in their city at Progressive Field

PARMA, Ohio – When the city officials first started having "Parma Night" at the old Municipal Stadium, they would be happy to get a few dozen residents coming out to march around the outfield. On July 10, Mayor Tim DeGeeter and his recreation director Micky Vittardi orchestrated their third "Parma Night" at the Indians/Yankees game.

DSCF1509.JPGView full size
Mayor Tim DeGeeter, left, Johnny Coventry and Parma recreation director Micky Vittardi get ready for the festivities before the game. Mark Holan/Special to Sun News 

DeGeeter held a drawing to give someone the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, and Johnny Coventry, 9, was this year's honoree. Coventry, who plays ball in the Parma Little Leagues, came with his family and threw the ball all the way to home plate.

Before the game, the residents who participated in the event paraded around the outfield track. Most of the Parma residents had their children with them.
When "The City of Parma" flashed on the scoreboard, the crowd cheered.

Although the night belonged to the Indians who came from behind to beat the Yankees, it also belonged to the residents of Parma.

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June 26, 2014

President of Parma Medical Center stepping down July 4

PARMA, Ohio – Terrence Deis, the president and CEO of University Hospitals Parma Medical Center plans to leave next week, for reasons unknown.

University Hospitals spokeswoman Janice Guhl said she cannot speak for Deis or his reasons for leaving. He was unavailable for immediate contact.

Deis has worked for Parma Community General Hospital for 15 years and was named president and CEO in 2010. Earlier this year Parma joined the ever-growing University Hospitals—the second largest health system in the area.

Eric Bieber, the president of University Hospitals' western community hospitals, announced the news to hospital employees on June 18.

In the June 18 note, Bieber said Deis successfully guided "the hospital through a challenging health care environment and a successful integration this year into the University Hospitals health system."

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June 26, 2014
Press Release

Nine-year-old wins Parma Night first pitch honors

PARMA, Ohio – Nine-year-old Johnny Coventry will get the chance to do something most kids can only dream of – throwing out the first pitch at a major league baseball game. This is a moment Johnny will remember for the rest of his life.

Johnny is a member of the Boys’ Overhand League in Parma and plays for Axelrod Buick-GMC. His first-pitch dream will become reality at Parma Night, scheduled for Thursday, July 10th at 7:05 p.m.

Though the first pitch is usually reserved for the mayor, Mayor Tim DeGeeter gives up this opportunity every year to let a fortunate youngster live a dream. He created a drawing for people who ordered tickets to the Parma Night Indians game and picks a name at random to throw the
first pitch.

Nicole Coventry, Johnny’s mother, and Kathy Lucheese, his grandmother, share his excitement. “[Johnny] was very surprised,” Lucheese said. “He said ‘I really hope the players sign the ball for me!’” She added that Johnny has been practicing his pitching.

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June 25, 2014
Press Release

Parma resident set to complete 18-year goal on his 67th birthday

PARMA, Ohio – Ask Paul T. Kirner about goal-setting. Ask him about dedication. Ask him about perseverance.

Ask him about these things on Tuesday, July 1, which is, incidentally, his 67th birthday. Ask him after, say 9:30 p.m., and settle in for a long story. He has one to tell.

Kirner, a Parma resident and former Ward Five Councilman, is set to complete an 18.5-year goal on Tuesday, one that has demanded 6,757 consecutive days of running – with his last half-mile, which he will run on Tuesday, he will have completed 24,901.55 miles, which just happens to be the circumference of the earth.

He is inviting Parma residents, news media, anyone who wants to join in, to run that last half mile with him. The run will begin in front of the home of Allan Divis, Parma’s Ward Five Councilman, which is at 7805 Fort Myers Court, and finish in front of Kirner’s home at 4373 St. Petersburg Drive.

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June 19, 2014

Parma doubles recycling rate but officials push for more

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter said he is proud of his city's residents for the more than 17 percent boost in recycling for last year.

Parma recycled 27.8 percent of its waste in 2013, more than doubling its rate from 10.4 percent in 2012, according to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District's annual report that was released last week.

City Council President Sean Brennan said in the years prior to 2013 he would drive around the city and see very few houses recycling.

"It was a little disappointing, and every year I would look at those numbers on the report and Parma was always way down there on the bottom," Brennan said. "It's nice to see those rates doubling."

DeGeeter said he and the council have been trying to encourage recycling wherever they go through social media, flyers and leading by example.

"Look at my family, I've got a 6 year old and a 3 year old, so we've got a lot of juice boxes, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, all of those things," he said. "Our recycling bin is filled more than our trash can is. Every family should be recycling."

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June 17, 2014

Cyndee Bratz is Citizen of the Month

PARMA, Ohio – At Monday night's City Council meeting, Mayor Tim DeGeeter honored his June Citizen of the Month.

Cyndee Bratz was nominated by Dianna Kall to receive Citizen of the Month because of her long and extensive community involvement. For more than 30 years, she has been active in community and school events. She has served in various officer and chairman positions in the PTA and for several years on the Board of Directors of the Ohio PTA. Bratz is the creator of the Community Scholarship Fund – sometimes known as the "loose change" fund - in which anyone can donate money throughout the year that is given to a deserving graduating senior of the Parma City School District.

Kall said in her nomination of Bratz: "It's the smile that accompanies her passion for helping others that's so endearing. If you are recognizing someone who embraces community spirit, community engagement and civic pride, then Cyndee Bratz is the one."

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June 6, 2014
Press Release

Gillingham Ford plans multi-million dollar renovation

PARMA, Ohio – Bob Gillingham, whose family is in its sixth decade of local business ownership, says that fact alone is proof that, for a businessman, there’s no place like Parma.

“I can’t think of a better place to have a business than Parma,” Gillingham said. “That’s why we’ve been here more than 50 years. It’s really nice that we’ve been this successful. We try to return the favor by exceeding peoples’ expectations.”

Prepare to be wowed.

Early next spring, Gillingham Ford expects to complete substantial renovations to its dealership at 8383 Brook Park Road. The multi-million-dollar project includes a new café area for customer waiting, along with a customer business center with laptop work stations and a wi-fi onnection.

Interior and exterior LED energy efficient lighting will be added and/or replaced throughout the dealership, and a new “vehicle vestibule” will be added, which incorporates what Operations Manager Scott Lockhart calls an “open customer touchpoint plan” that gives a whole new meaning to the term “drive-in service bay.”

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June 10, 2014

Coney joins Parma Police Department's K-9 unit

PARMA, Ohio – Coney is the newest addition to the Parma Police Department.

The year-old German shepherd completed months of intensive training preparing him to be a member of the K-9 unit.

Coney swearing in ceremony pawprint.jpg
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Coney, Parma'€™s third K-9 officer, puts his paw print on the official documents at his swearing-in ceremony. Witnessing the event are, from left, Mayor Tim DeGeeter, Police Chief Robert Miller and Patrolman Nick Schuld, Coney'€™s partner.

Patrolman Nick Schuld, his handler, said Coney arrived in Parma about a month ago and has been on patrol ever since. His first official public event was his swearing-in ceremony June 7 at Veterans Memorial Park.

A large crowd gathered as Mayor Tim DeGeeter introduced Coney and Schuld.

"This is the first time in the history of the Police Department that we have had three K-9 officers," DeGeeter said.

The brief swearing-in ceremony included inking one of Coney's front paws and putting his paw print on the paperwork for the department.

Coney joins K-9 officers Tyson and Felix in patrolling the city. Schuld said attempts will be made to schedule one K-9 officer per shift, when possible.

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June 8, 2014

Parma gets another K-9 officer to combat narcotics on the streets

PARMA, Ohio – There will now be three K-9 officers working in the city for the first time in the history of the Parma police department.

K-9 Officer Coney was sworn in by Mayor Tim DeGeeter June 7 at the Parma Animal Shelter's Adoptathon. Coney joins Felix and Tyson on the city's K-9 police force.

Coney's handler, Patrolman Nicholas Schuld, is a six-year veteran on the police force and is also a U.S. Army veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, having served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Patrolman Schuld and Coney will be patrolling the city and assisting patrol officers and detectives, catching suspects and tracking down narcotics.

K-9 officers have proven to be invaluable additions to suburban police departments as more and more criminal activity occurs in these communities. The man and dog relationship makes for a highly effective crime-fighting team.

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June 2, 2014

Parma police department welcomes new K-9 officer

PARMA, Ohio – The Parma Police Department is pleased to welcome a new officer to the department's K-9 unit.

After weeks of intensive training, K-9 Officer Coney, a young German Shepherd, will be joining K-9 Officers Tyson and Felix.

Coney's handler will be Officer Nicholas Schuld, a six-year veteran of the department, as well as a veteran of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division, having served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Together, Schuld and Coney will be patrolling the city and assisting patrol officers and detectives with such tasks as apprehending dangerous suspects and detecting narcotics.

Parma mayor Tim DeGeeter will swear in K-9 Officer Coney at noon on Saturday, June 7 at Veteran's Memorial Park in Parma.

This is the first time in department history that there will be three K-9 Officers in service at the same time.

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June 2, 2014

Parma Police welcome newest K-9 officer

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Police are welcoming their newest four-legged crime fighter to the force this week.

K-9 Officer Coney, a young German Shepard, will join K-9 officers Tyson and Felix after weeks of training. Coney will be paired with Officer Nicholas Schuld, patrolling the city and assisting with tasks like apprehending dangerous suspects and detecting narcotics.

Schuld is a six-year veteran of the department and a veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. He served tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will swear Coney in during a ceremony at Veteran's Memroial Park at noon Saturday. It's part of the City of Parma Animal Shelter's Pet Adoptathon running June 7-8.

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May 29, 2014
Press Release

Parma welcomes 140 new jobs at PITT OHIO

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma is pleased to welcome PITT OHIO, a large trucking company moving into the city and bringing along 140 jobs.  It is expected that 60 more employees could be hired within the first three years. PITT OHIO, which has 21 locations throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions, is relocating its Cleveland office to Parma. The company is hoping to open for business sometime next year.

Representatives from the company appeared before Parma’s Planning Commission on Wednesday, requesting a lot split and gaining a favorable recommendation to City Council for a similar use determination.

“PITT OHIO’S project brings a new era of economic vitality to the former GM Transmission property and is one of the most important economic development deals in the last decade here in Parma,” said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

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May 26, 2014

Looking for summer fun in Parma? Check out these events

PARMA, Ohio – Are you looking for some fun things to do this summer in Parma? Here are some suggestions, in no particular order, in addition to the popular Rib 'N Rock, set for June 5-8 at The Shoppes at Parma. The events are family friendly and inexpensive. Better yet, some events are free.

Pierogi Palooza: There will be some fierce competition for the best pierogies in Parma at this event, scheduled for 1-4 p.m. June 1 at Broadview Multi-Care Center, 5520 Broadview Road, Parma. Live entertainment and food vendors will be located around the center's grounds. Pierogi judging will be at 2 p.m., with the announcement and presentation at 3:30. Proceeds will benefit the Cleveland Foodbank and All Faiths Food Pantry. For information or to participate, call Debbi Rafalski, 216-749-4010.

Family movie night: Enjoy a family friendly flick, corn hold, carnival games and more at James Day Park on July 19. Gates open at 7 p.m., with the free movie to start at 9. Concession stands will be available, or bring your own refreshments. Attendees also should bring lawn chairs or blankets. In case of rain, the movie night will be postponed until July 26.

For more ...

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May 22, 2014

Parma branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library's Cafe gets touch table as part of Northeast Ohio Media Group partnership

PARMA, Ohio – Getting up-to-minute news and information is at the heart of the partnership between the Northeast Ohio Media Group and the Cuyahoga County Public Library.  Andrea Hogben, president of NEOMG, and Sari Feldman, executive director of the CCPL, unveiled a "touch table" Thursday at the Café inside the Parma branch of the CCPL on Powers Boulevard.

Part of the digital literacy initiative of the NEOMG, the Café offers the public a place to sit down and relax and check out a screen which shows the latest stories as they are posted to Cleveland.com.

The touch table allows a person to view the day's e-edition of the Plain Dealer and go back into the Plain Dealer archives.

As Hogben explained, "The mission of this partnership with the Cuyahoga County Public Library is to make it easier for residents to stay connected with what's going on in their community."

Mayor Tim DeGeeter expressed his thanks to the CCPL and NEOMG for making the Café a reality and a highly valuable resource for the city's residents.

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May 20, 2014

New Parma Fire Safety House to be constructed at State Road Park

PARMA, Ohio – No child has died in a house fire in Parma since 1994 and city leaders are committed to keeping it that way.

Parma mayor Tim DeGeeter announced Tuesday that the new Parma Fire Safety House will be built at State Road Park (Veterans Memorial Park). The new Safety House will be built at the location of the now closed State Road Pool.

The former Safety House closed due to construction of the new Parma Branch library behind city hall. Since 2012, Parma Fire Department personnel have been teaching fire safety to children in their school classrooms.

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May 20, 2014

Task force continues to tackle master plan for city center in Parma

PARMA, Ohio – A task force formed earlier this year by Mayor Tim DeGeeter is moving through its mission to make the proposed town center more than just a concept.

 The 17-member task force, which includes representatives from the schools, city, residents, organizations, hospital, Proud of Parma, The Shoppes at Parma, West Creek Conservancy and other organizations, is charged with giving a real, implementable substance to the idea of a town center.

 Glenn Coyne of the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission is facilitator for the group. He said the town center area includes The Shoppes at Parma, Stearns Homestead, and the Day Drive corridor, Parma City Hall, the Parma Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, Byers Field and University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

 "The idea is to get input from the citizens, organizations and businesses in the city," DeGeeter said. "There is only one elected official on the task force, Ward 8 Councilman Scott Tuma. The proposed town center is in his ward," DeGeeter added.

 The town center concept has been under discussion for more than two years, DeGeeter said.

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May 20, 2014

Parma, Parma Heights, Brooklyn, Independence and Seven Hills plan Memorial Day ceremonies

Area cities will pause on Monday, May 26 to remember those who served their country and made the ultimate sacrifice. Here is a listing of events by community.

Parma: The Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary 116 will have a ceremony 9-10:30 a.m. Monday at Parma Memorial Hall, 6611 Ridge Road. Mayor Tim DeGeeter will speak.

After that ceremony concludes, officials, residents and representatives of veterans' organizations will travel to Veterans Memorial Park for a ceremony organized by the Joseph J. Jacubic American Legion Post 572. The ceremony will include an address by DeGeeter, the playing of taps and a 21-gun salute.

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May 13, 2014

Inaugural Parma Youth Commission is taking shape

PARMA, Ohio – The city's younger residents have a few things they'd like to see happen. Until now, there hasn't been much opportunity for their voices to be heard.

But that's about to change, as the first Parma Youth Commission is organized.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter proposed the idea in his State of the City address in February. He said the idea was successful in the South Bend, Ind. area, where he grew up, and he wanted to try it in Parma.

City Council President Sean Brennan was charged with organizing the initiative.

"With Sean's background as a high school government teacher and council president, he is a natural fit for the role," DeGeeter said.

He was hoping about a dozen high school students would apply for the commission.

"That's about how many applications we got," Brennan said. Deadline to apply was May 9.

"I want this to be an organic organization. I want the kids to decide what direction we will move in. I don't want it to be adult-driven," Brennan said.

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May 12, 2014
Press Release

City, UH Parma Medical Center kick off Walk on Wednesdays program

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma and UH Parma Medical Center are proud to co-sponsor a program designed to take advantage of the outdoor fitness facilities at James Day Park. The program - Walk on Wednesdays - will begin this Wednesday with a kickoff ceremony at 10 a.m. at the park.

The Wednesday walks will be at 7 p.m.  The program will run for eight weeks, ending on July 2. The Walk on Wednesdays program is part of the partnership between the City of Parma and UH Parma Medical Center that began with the purchase and installation of an outdoor fitness trail through James Day Park, located at 11828 W. Pleasant Valley Road.

The eight-week program is free but registration is required. Please call 440-743-4900 to register or sign up online at www.parmahospital.org/programsandclasses.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this kind of program to our residents,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “UH Parma has been a terrific partner for the City with this program, and we are looking forward to great results for our residents.”

Any questions, please call: 440-743-4932.

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May 2, 2014
Press Release

Parma Youth Commission accepting applications

PARMA, Ohio – In his State of the City speech in February, Mayor Tim DeGeeter announced that he’d like to implement a Parma Youth commission. He wanted City Council President Sean Brennan to draw
on his experience as a high school teacher to facilitate and run the group.

The Parma Youth Commission has now been created to give young Parma residents in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to take a more active role in and learn more about their community. Students will be given opportunities to participate in local government, network with community business and non-profit leaders, and plan and implement community service projects. The program’s direction is variable, though, based on suggestions from the group about how to make Parma an even better place for young people to live.

Ideally, the group will help the city’s leaders to become more connected with the City’s youth and to build a corps of youth leaders.

“Our youth are important members of our community and we want them to feel valued and to have their voices heard,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “The Youth Commission will help them realize that they are important residents and have a responsibility to get involved and to make a difference.”

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Apr. 28, 2014

Phillips Edison & Co. announces relocation of Chipotle, updates plans for The Shoppes at Parma

PARMA, Ohio – The signs posted all around The Shoppes at Parma, formerly known as Parmatown, read: "Anticipate. Evolve. Not just renovated. Shopping, Dining, Gathering. Arriving 2015."

And, according to Roy Williams, senior vice president, strategic investment funds at Phillips Edison & Co., that's exactly what's happening at the shopping center. Phillips Edison, which bought the property in 2012, is investing about $70 million in the redevelopment.

"We are working with the city, schools, county and Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority to execute this redevelopment," he said, adding he also is part of Mayor Tim DeGeeter's task force to ensure the project is the best fit possible for Parma.

Williams guided U. S. Rep. Jim Renacci, R-16 of Wadsworth, and several city officials on a hard-hat tour of the mall on April 23, including a behind-the-scenes look at the demolition of the former Macy's store and other areas.

Thomas Mastroianni and City Councilmen Vito Dipierro, Ward 1; Mark Casselberry, Ward 3; Brian Brochetti, Ward 7 and Scott Tuma, Ward 8, also attended. DeGeeter was out of town, but Michael Culp, his chief of staff, represented him.

The event coincided with Williams' announcement that Chipotle Mexican Grill will open a 2,200-square-foot restaurant in a new 4,400-square-foot outparcel, multi-tenant building on West Ridgewood Drive. The parcel is being prepared for construction, which will start in June. Williams expects an October completion date.

When the new restaurant is completed, Chipotle literally will move across the parking lot to its new location.

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Apr. 25, 2014

Good move for Parma residents

PARMA, Ohio – After challenging FirstEnergy Solutions for a pass-through charge that would have cost Parma households up to an extra $7, Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Parma Law Director Tim Dobeck have succeeded in seeing the charge waived.

FirstEnergy Solutions announced late Friday afternoon that it would not pass on an extra fee because of the “Polar Vortex” the area experienced this past winter. This after DeGeeter wrote a letter to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) saying, “In my opinion, FirstEnergy Solutions has treated Parma residents unfairly. When our agreement was negotiated with FES, we were assured that no aggregator would receive a more favorable contract, and that all aggregators had to sign identical agreements," DeGeeter said in the letter.

After the news that FirstEnergy Solutions had waived the fee, DeGeeter said, “This is a victory for our residents, definitely, but also for consumers, generally. We felt it was unfair, which is why we challenged it. This is the right thing to do, and I am very pleased for Parma residents.”

Dobeck had also criticized FirstEnergy Solutions earlier this week, calling what the company was doing “unethical.”

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Apr. 24, 2014

Parma Mayor will be Grand Marshall of Polish parade

PARMA, Ohio – His mom's maiden name is Grontkowski. His mother-in-law was originally a Sadowski.

So when Mayor Tim DeGeeter serves as Grand Marshall of the Polish Constitution Day parade on May 4, he's not doing it just because he's Mayor. He's legit.

He grew up calling his grandmother "Busia" and took part in many Polish family traditions. He's been proud to participate in the Constitution Day events in past years, but this year will be a little more personal.

"I'm really honored to have been asked to be Grand Marshall, and I'll have my family right there with me," DeGeeter said. "This is really special."

Constitution Day events begin Friday and include Miss Polonia and Jr. Miss Polonia pageants, the Polish American Congress Happy Hour, and the Polonia Ball. The weekend culminates on Sunday with Mass at St. Charles with the Parade on Ridge Road and after-party event following.

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Apr. 17, 2014

Recreation Department revved up and running in new space at former library

PARMA, Ohio – Residents looking for the Recreation Department need to travel a little further south on Ridge Road. Recreation Director Mickey Vittardi and his staff now call the former Parma South Branch Library, at 7335 Ridge Road, home.

"This arrangement is a win-win for us," said Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

Most recently, the Recreation Department was located in rented space at The Shoppes at Parma, formerly known as Parmatown.

"It avoids us paying rent by moving the department into a city-owned building," DeGeeter said.

Cuyahoga County Public Library vacated the building, and another library in the city, last fall after reorganizing its Parma branches. A new library opened near City Hall. The former Parma South Library also served as a school before being repurposed as a library and now the Recreation Department.

"It's a good fit for us and a great use of the building," DeGeeter said. "Parma Medical Center is renting space on the second floor for about 50 employees and U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, R-16, has a small office here, also."

There is plenty of space in the building, DeGeeter said, and the back section, which is used for storage, eventually could house a regional dispatch center. The mayor said the space meets requirements for such a use.

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Apr. 14, 2014

Perla Homemade Delights is Mayor's first Business of the Month

PARMA, Ohio – When Mayor Tim DeGeeter decided to create a Business of the Month award to go alongside the Mayor’s Citizen of the Month, he knew exactly what business would receive the first one: the business that gave him the idea, Perla Homemade Delights.

The Mayor, like everyone else who heard the story, was moved when he found out that the Serban family – Constantin, Ana, Daniel and David – paid $101 of their own money to overnight a $15 package of pierogies to New Mexico to satisfy a dying man’s last wish: Perla pierogies. After Jess Hays’ wife called to place the order, the Serban family decided not to take the chance that he wouldn’t receive them in time.

Hays, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer at 62, formerly lived in Akro. He died within a week after he received the package; two of the pierogies in that package turned out to be his last meal.

“We were sad to hear that he was gone,” David Serban said about receiving the news of Hays’ death. “But we were glad he got the pierogies he wanted.”

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Apr. 11, 2014

City of Parma launches overhauled website

PARMA, Ohio – The city of Parma recently unveiled its overhauled website.

The upgraded site is the result of months of collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Department of Information Technology.

“We are pleased with the new product and we are especially pleased that we got it by utilizing regional collaboration,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said.

City Director of Communications Jeannie Roberts said the site allows for greater interaction and easier navigation than its predecessor. The homepage features prominent links to departmental sites for police, fire, recreation and residents services, where complaints and recommendations can be submitted. Google Translate gives visitors to the site the option to convert text to any language.

Roberts said the site also has a cleaner, more attractive look than before, with a rotating collection of large, colorful pictures of scenes from across the city displayed on the homepage. A video message from DeGeeter greets visitors on the homepage.

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March 28 2014
Catholic Universe Bulletin

USMC Gunnery Sergeant Shirley Palotai, St. Francis de Sales Parish, Parma

PARMA, Ohio – His mother, his mayor and his school principal conspired to give St. Francis de Sales fifth grader Tyler Miranda the happiest surprise of his life.

On Monday morning February 10, St. Francis de Sales principal Michelle Nowakowski called an all-school assembly under the pretext of preparing for the school's Winter Olympics to be held the following day.

Nowakowski confirmed that most of the kids watched portions of the Olympic games. She then observed that friends and relatives of many athletes were traveling to Russia to provide moral support. She asked the children whom they would want in the stands to cheer for them. A series of students then approached the microphone, naming grandparents, siblings and others as their preferred witnesses.

At last Nowakowski called on Tyler Miranda and he chose his mother, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Shirley Palotai, whom he believed was stationed in Afghanistan. Unbeknownst to Miranda, Sgt. Palotai had returned from her yearlong deployment. As her son stood at the mike, she quietly entered the gym behind him. Perhaps because she wore civilian clothes, the assemblage did not realize what was happening.

Nowakowski listened to Miranda's reply and then directed him to turn around. Within seconds, the fifth grader had run to his mother's arms. Hugging her close, he wept for joy.

"There was not a dry eye in the gym," Nowakowski reported.

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Apr. 7, 2014

Mayor tells his story during keynote address at Holy Cross College

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter was recently selected to serve a three-year term as President of Holy Cross College’s Alumni Advisory Council. It is an honor he proudly accepted; he attended then-Holy Cross Junior College, which was a two-year school, from 1987-89, before transferring to John Carroll University in University Heights.

Last week, DeGeeter delivered a keynote speech at Holy Cross during the President’s Dinner at the college’s annual Parent-Alumni Weekend. The College is located in Notre Dame, IN, next to St. Mary’s College. The mayor’s speech retraced his steps to Holy Cross, his desire to attend Notre Dame and ultimately, his transfer to John Carroll University.

“Looking back on it, years later, I would follow the same footprint if I ever had the chance to do it over again: Holy Cross College to John Carroll and eventually to law school at Cleveland Marshall Law,” he said in the speech. “My college experiences have helped to make me who I am today. They guide me as public servant. They also guide me a husband and father – my most important and favorite roles. And, ultimately, these experiences led me to become a lawyer, a councilman, a state representative, and now mayor of Parma – Ohio's seventh-largest city.”

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Apr. 2, 2014

Consider helping the Anthony Zielinski Scholarship fund

PARMA, Ohio – Former Parma Treasurer Anthony Zielinski is missed greatly at City Hall and beyond. It is not unusual to hear his name mentioned in passing conversation, and there are “Anthony’s Army” photographs on the wall that commemorate the 2010 Relay for Life effort in his name.

Anthony died in March 2011, and to some who were especially close to him, it feels like yesterday. Current City Treasurer Tom Mastroianni and Mayor Tim DeGeeter, who along with Anthony co-founded Leadership for Tomorrow, no doubt think of him every time they speak to the students who are part of the program.

Anthony was a big supporter of The Parma City School District, and he worked tirelessly at school functions and on school levies. To honor him, the Parma City School District set up a memorial scholarship in his name which gives an annual scholarship of $1,200.00 to a high school senior who has demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to community service.

To continue that scholarship in Anthony’s memory, funds must be replenished periodically. The scholarship is administered by the Parma City School Foundation, which is a 501(3)(c) tax-exempt organization; all donations are therefore tax deductible.

Checks can be made payable to The Anthony Zielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund and mailed to The Parma City Schools Foundation, 5311 Longwood Ave., Parma, 44134.

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Mar. 31, 2014
Press Release

New manager hired at Ridgewood Golf Course

PARMA, Ohio – David Chuba has done some different things in his life, but he keeps coming back to the thing he loves most – running a golf course. Now he can do that thing he loves best at Parma’s Ridgewood Golf Course. Chuba has been named Manager at Ridgewood; his employment began March 24.

Chuba’s previous experience managing courses came at three others that he started from scratch - Walnut Run Golf Course in Cortland, OH, The Links at Firestone Farms in Columbiana, OH and Fowler’s Mill Golf Course on Cleveland’s east side.

He is a PGA member with 17 years’ experience in managing golf operations and he is also a teaching pro. “I opened three golf courses from scratch and ran the #1 golf course in Ohio (Fowler’s Mill),” Chuba said. “I want to run a golf course again because it is what I do best.”

Parks & Recreation Department Director Mickey Vittardi said Parma is lucky to get someone with Chuba’s skills. “When you look at what he’s been able to do in the past, you can see the tremendous possibilities of having a guy like him at Ridgewood,” Vittardi said. “It’s a great municipal course, and I feel like he can do great things with it.”

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Mar. 27, 2014

STEM elementary class shows off for the Mayor

PARMA, Ohio – STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math – is alive and quite well in the Parma City School District. Pleasant Valley Elementary is the school that has been designated the STEM School for the PCSD, and the students there are thriving. The philosophy of solving real-world problems using the entire connected curriculum isn’t just a sort of mission statement; students participate in all sorts of activities designed to use their learned skills to, well, solve problems.

When Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter received a letter from the fourth-grade STEM students at Pleasant Valley, he was impressed enough to accept the invitation. Here’s the letter that the class composed, written in very nice printed handwriting by class member Jenna Sendrey.

“Dear Mayor DeGeeter, We are writing to invite you to our STEM4 capstone. Our capstone concludes a unit with the essential question ‘How do parts of a system affect each other?’ One main topic was ecosystems. We learned about local wildlife and their places in food webs. We will be making and selling stickers to raise money to sponsor animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center. You can help us choose which animal we should sponsor … We hope you can attend our capstone … You will also be able to see other evidence of our learning.”

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Mar. 26, 2014

Parma Detention Center one of the best in Ohio

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter delivered the oath of office and swore in Steven Dorn as a Corrections Supervisor and Michael Davis as a Corrections Officer recently. The two join a 21-member staff at an especially well-run and widely recognized Parma Detention Center.

Since it opened its doors in 2000, the Parma’s jail has received a 100-percent compliance rate on jail inspections conducted every year by the State of Ohio’s Bureau of Adult Detention. Right up through last year, when the audit was conducted in June, the State hasn’t found a single thing to complain about.

“There are close to 200 standards that they inspect for,” says Jail Administrator Lou Galizio. “And there are very few facilities in the state that have the record we have.”

Some of the items checked in the state inspection are: visitation procedures, sanitary conditions, meals, suicide prevention and medical care.

“Our facility is cleaner, safer and better managed than most,” said Galizio’s boss, Safety Director Greg Baeppler. “Everybody there is certified. That makes a huge difference.”

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Mar. 24, 2014

Mayor's In on Wednesday at City Hall, Out next month at Safety Fair

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will host Mayor’s In on Wednesday this week, receiving visits from Parma residents who wish to meet with him one on one. The Mayor’s In event runs from 4:30-6 p.m.; residents can begin signing up at 4 p.m. in the lobby of City Hall. Residents are asked to fill out a short information sheet and to state the subject of their meeting with the Mayor.

The meetings are part of the Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out program. On alternate months, the Mayor greets residents at a public function, which fills the Mayor’s Out part of the program. After meeting In with residents on Wednesday, he will hold his Mayor’s Out day at the City’s annual Safety Fair on April 26 at the Parma Justice Center.

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Mar. 17, 2014

Chase Bank opens at Shoppes of Parma

PARMA, Ohio – The first "outlot" building of The Shoppes at Parma - Chase Bank at 8479 W. Ridgewood Dr. (Ridgewood & Westminister) - has opened. There are plans for six outlots along Ridgewood Drive as part of The Shoppes at Parma.

The Chase branch held a ribbon cutting Monday morning, and the branchs official open house is Monday until 6 p.m. Chase officials say customers are welcome to come in and tour the branch and learn about its amenities.

Participating in the ribbon cutting along with Mayor Tim DeGeeter were Chase officials Jim Geuther, Robin Mau, Teanna Pollard and Christine Kelly. Pollard is the Manager of this branch.

"We are so excited to be here and are looking forward to serving our Parma customers," Pollard said.

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Mar. 12, 2014

JCU Alumni Chapter Features Parma Mayor

PARMA, Ohio – The John Carroll Cleveland Alumni Chapter is hosting a special evening with Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter, a member of the John Carroll Class of 1991. The Mayor will speak on Thursday evening, March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Parma Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The meeting will be held in the large meeting room A/B at the Parma Branch, which is located at 6996 Powers Blvd., just behind Parma City Hall. Cleveland Chapter Board member Brian Day is encouraging all JCU alumni to make plans to attend. “As a Board Member of the JCU Cleveland Alumni Chapter I am very excited for this event,” Day said. “We get to promote one of our distinguished alumni - Mayor DeGeeter - and at the same time give alumni the opportunity to view one of Parma's new jewels, the newly opened Parma Library.” The Mayor is looking forward to the event. “The John Carroll University has obviously played a huge role in my life,” he said. “I’m proud to have graduated from there and it brought me to the Cleveland area, where I met my wife.” Light refreshments will be served at the meeting. RSVPs can be made http://www.eventbrite.com/e/cleveland-alumni-chapter-a-conversation-with-mayor-degeeter-91-tickets-10647032561 For questions or more information, please contact the Cleveland Alumni Chapter at cleveland@jcu.edu.

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Mar. 11, 2014

City of Parma to create Youth Commission for students
in grades 9-12

PARMA, Ohio – Over the years, many of Parma's youth have received special recognition at Parma City Council meetings.

"They come into a council meeting, we give them a proclamation and out the door they go," said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

DeGeeter now wants them to spend more time at city hall. Following a similar idea started by the mayor of South Bend, Ind., he has decided to form a city of Parma Youth Commission and is looking for interested students to join.

"We thought, 'Let's find a way that we can capture their attention, hear from them and have some fun with this,' " said DeGeeter.

The goal of the commission is to engage youth in the community, educate them about government and non-government agencies, and to receive feedback from youth about programs and ideas that will benefit them.

Parma City Council President and high school government teacher Sean Brennan, working in conjunction with DeGeeter, will lead the new commission.

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Mar. 11, 2014

Mayor DeGeeter to speak at JCU alumni event

PARMA, Ohio – The John Carroll Cleveland Alumni Chapter has announced a special evening with Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter, a member of the John Carroll Class of 1991. The Mayor will speak on Thursday evening, March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Parma Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

The meeting will be held in the large meeting room A/B at the Parma Branch, which is located at 6996 Powers Blvd., just behind Parma City Hall. Cleveland Chapter Board member Brian Day is encouraging all JCU alumni to make plans to attend.

“As a Board Member of the JCU Cleveland Alumni Chapter I am very excited for this event,” Day said. “We get to promote one of our distinguished alumni - Mayor DeGeeter - and at the same time give alumni the opportunity to view one of Parma's new jewels, the newly opened Parma Library.”

The Mayor is looking forward to the event. “The John Carroll University has obviously played a huge role in my life,” he said. “I’m proud to have graduated from there and it brought me to the Cleveland area, where I met my wife.”

Light refreshments will be served at the meeting. RSVPs can be made here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/cleveland-alumni-chapter-a-conversation-with-mayor-degeeter-91-tickets-10647032561

For questions or more information, please contact the Cleveland Alumni Chapter at cleveland@jcu.edu.


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Mar. 7, 2014

Parma Night at Progressive Field is July 10 vs. Yankees

PARMA, Ohio – Parma residents don’t want to wait to purchase tickets for Parma Night at Progressive Field this year. The Indians will be facing the New York Yankees, and the game is likely to be a sellout, especially in Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter’s last season on the field.

Parma Night tickets for the July 10, 7:05 p.m. game can be purchased through the Parma Recreation Department for $12 (bleacher seats). The evening will feature a pre-game parade of Parma Recreation teams and coaches and it’s also scheduled to be a Dollar Dog Night at the ballpark. There are only 600 Parma Night tickets available through the Recreation Department.

Also, Parma residents who purchase tickets through the Recreation Department can enter a contest to win the opportunity for a child 17 or under to throw out the first pitch at the game. The first pitch is an honor normally reserved for the Mayor, but Mayor Tim DeGeeter gave up this opportunity so that a Parma child can have it.

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Mar. 6, 2014

State of the City video is available to watch

PARMA, Ohio – If you missed Mayor DeGeeter’s State of the City speech, we have a new opportunity for you to watch the 36-minute address in full. The speech was videotaped by the Parma Area Community Television Network, which is affiliated with the Parma City School District.

The video has been placed on the home page of the City of Parma website at www.cityofparma-oh.gov. Please take advantage of the opportunity to watch the speech; the original address was delivered on Feb. 24 to about 200 people at the Parma Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

Click here to view the video directly.

Parma Area Community Television focuses on activities and achievements involving the Parma City School District, the cities of Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills, Parma Community General Hospital, Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus, and the Cuyahoga County Public Library System. The PACT is available for customers of Cox Communications Digital Cable in Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills on Channel 74. PACT is also on AT&T U-Verse, throughout Northeast Ohio, on Channel 99.

“The City of Parma and the Parma City School District have a positive working relationship and PACT is certainly a great part of that,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “We appreciate that we can make our message available to everyone who wants to view it, whether they were able to come out to the speech or not.”

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Mar. 5, 2014

Paczki Day celebrations and a booming Ukrainian population

PARMA, Ohio – City officials celebrated Paczki Day (aka Fat Tuesday) at bakeries across the city. Mayor Tim DeGeeter tried the Clevelander from Rudy’s, proclaiming, “Wow. That’s really good.” (City of Parma)

The Plain Dealer’s Laura DeMarco was also out at Rudy’s Tuesday, chronicling the bustling early-morning crowd that was treated to music from DJ Kishka and 25 uniquely flavored paczki. (Plain Dealer)

Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Rich Exner gathered some data that shows Parma is home to Ohio's largest Ukrainian community. An estimated 4,407 Parma residents claim Ukrainian ancestry, more than double that of any other city in Ohio, he found. (cleveland.com)


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Feb. 28, 2014

Mayor DeGeeter reads bedtime story to youngsters at Snow Library

PARMA, Ohio – It was the second time Mayor DeGeeter read a bedtime story to Parma children; the first was during the period when the library was in temporary quarters across the street in Midtown Plaza. After the success of that appearance, he was invited back for a second.  Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter fell in love with the Parma Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library the first time he saw it. He chose to deliver his recent State of the City address there. And Thursday night, he read a bedtime story - Goodnight Moon - to a group of about 40 parents and children, including, of course, his own, Jack and Molly.

"My favorite things to do as mayor are those in which I can include my family," he said. "This is particularly enjoyable because it provides a comfortable environment in which to speak to parents also."

DeGeeter was surrounded by admiring parents Thursday. After one mother thanked him for all he's doing for Parma, a dad followed and said, "It seems like there are a lot of things going on in Parma to attract young families. DeGeeter replied: "We'™re working every day to do that."

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Feb. 25, 2014

Parma wants college-educated young homebuyers: 5 takeaways from Mayor Tim DeGeeter's State of the City address

PARMA, Ohio – Parma is an aging community that needs to attract young college-educated homebuyers.

That’s what Mayor Tim DeGeeter told a healthy crowd Monday in the Parma-Snow library’s newly opened auditorium during his third State of the City address.

Here’s a look at the top five takeaways from the speech.

1) Population aging, young professionals needed: DeGeeter cited figures from the 2010 census that placed 18 percent of the city’s population over 70, more than 45 percent over 46 and just 13 percent in their 20s.

In an attempt to draw more young professionals to Parma, DeGeeter said the city will offer first-time homebuyers with a college degree $5,000 toward the purchase of a home $100,000 or less and $7,500 for homes more than $100,000. He said these grants will be forgivable after five years of residency.

DeGeeter said it’s hoped this will encourage more young professionals at employers like the Parma City School District, University Hospitals Parma Medical Center and GrafTech to remain in the city after work hours.

“We need them to not only work here, but live here,” he said.

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Feb. 24, 2014

Parma Council members react to Mayor’s address

PARMA, Ohio – Monday evening Parma Mayor Timothy DeGeeter delivered his annual State of the City Address to a nearly full auditorium at the recently renovated Parma-Snow Library. Below are the reactions from several members of Parma City Council to his talk.

City Council President Sean Brennan: "The Mayor is laser-focused on creating and retaining jobs in Parma. He reminded us about the many economic development projects taking place in recent months, including the redevelopment of the Shoppes at Parma, the two new Parma libraries, the millions of dollars in investment to come at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, the beautiful new Stewardship Center in the Cleveland Metroparks West Creek Reservation, the new Axelrod Buick GMC building, the expansion at Chuppa's Market, the new face on Stancato's Restaurante and a number of other business investments and new businesses. I am very proud to have worked with him and my colleagues on City Council on these projects."

Ward One Councilman Vito Dipierro: "Congratulations to Mayor DeGeeter on his 2013 accomplishments. Looking forward to another great year in 2014."

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Feb. 19, 2014

Debi Trebisky is Citizen of the Month

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter has named Debi Trebisky his Citizen of the Month for February. Among other community involvement, Trebisky leads fundraising efforts for the Parma Early Childhood PTA and is active in local Girl Scouts. “This mom represents all that is good about our city,” DeGeeter said.

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Feb. 14, 2014

John Muir students get a taste of city government: Community Voices

PARMA, Ohio – The fourth-graders at John Muir Elementary learned about City Government on Friday as part of the Leadership for Tomorrow program. During the school year this year, City Hall is the field trip for 13 schools. Leadership for Tomorrow, in its eighth year, was created by former Parma Treasurer Anthony Zielinski, current Treasurer Tom Mastroianni and Mayor Tim DeGeeter while he was a State Representative. Fourth-graders hold a mock City Council meeting, tour City Hall and learn about municipal government and its functions from its leaders.

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Feb. 12, 2014

"Seniors Safe at Home" program can save a life: Community Voices

PARMA, Ohio – Just last week, a Parma senior citizen learned first-hand how important it is that the City receives Community Development Block Grant dollars. It is money from this grant that pays for the provision of telephone-based medical emergency response modules as part of the City's “Seniors Safe at Home Program.” The program provides pendants for use when a senior needs help and can't reach a telephone.

Last week, the elderly resident pressed her pendant and stated she had fallen and needed help. Parma EMS was dispatched and she was taken to Parma Hospital. She has been released from the hospital and is currently in a rehab facility.

The City's contract with ConnectAmerica.com LLC features an upgrade in technology that allows the participant to be protected from medical emergency anywhere inside and outside of their home.

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Feb. 10, 2014

St. Francis fifth-grader surprised by military mom: Community Voices

PARMA, Ohio – Fifth-grader Tyler Miranda was just sitting there in the gym, minding his own business. St. Francis de Sales is having its own Olympics tomorrow; this assembly was about that. If he was daydreaming, it ended rather suddenly: Miss Nowakowski - the principal! - called him up front to answer a question.

Turns out it was an easy one: "If you were an Olympic athlete, who would you want to come and support you? Anyone special?"

"My mom," Tyler said, knowing that'd be pretty much impossible because his mom has been in Afghanistan for a year.

But it turns out that was an easy one, too. "Turn around, Tyler," Miss Nowakowski said, and there stood USMC Gunnery Sergeant Shirley Palotai.

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Feb. 7, 2014

Five new police officers sworn in Friday: Community Voices

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter called it "one of my favorite parts of the job," and welcomed five young men "to the Parma family." After the Oath of Office, Parma Police Chief Bob Miller exhorted five new police officers to "take care of yourselves, your families and now, the 82,000 or so people in Parma."

New officers Michael Walsh, Kori Korinek, Spencer Jon Krumheuer, Kamil Piotr Lenk and Philip John Seelie took the oath from the Mayor and, as is custom, asked a loved one to pin on their new badge. Afterward, they were issued equipment and study materials and will spend the next 20 weeks in Columbus in the accreditation process.

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Feb. 2, 2014

Normandy students get schooled about texting while driving at assembly

PARMA, Ohio – Cassie Squirek, a senior and cheerleader at Normandy High School, was one of the over 600 students who attended an assembly Jan. 31 at the high school’s auditorium. The assembly was part of a series of events hosted by AT&T to highlight the dangers of texting and driving.

“I learned about the danger of texting while driving,” Squirek, a Seven Hills resident, said. “I know that it’s a big problem with teenagers who have become so habitual in their use of electronic devices like iPhones and Smart Phones.”

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and State Representative Nick Celebrezze talked about the texting ban that has gone into effect in Ohio within the past year.

In Ohio, it is illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to write, send or read text-based messages or even talk on the phone while driving. The law went into effect in March of last year. The penalty is a $150 fine and a 60-day license suspension. Repeat offenders could face a $300 fine and a year’s suspension. Ohio is among 41 states that ban text messaging by all drivers.

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Feb. 1, 2014
Parma Observer

Mayor DeGeeter Looks Forward To State Of The City Address

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter enjoys looking back proudly at the accomplishments of his administration. “We’re all working hard to move Parma forward,” he says. “It’s nice to see the things we’ve done. But we don't want to live in the past, we are looking ahead to our future as well.” So when DeGeeter takes the stage on Feb. 24, 2014 at the new Snow Road Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, he will share accomplishments, yes, but he will also look ahead to what residents might expect from his administration in the coming year. The Mayor will deliver the speech in the new, state-of-the-art, 400-seat auditorium at the library; the address is scheduled for 7 p.m.

The Mayor has taken the speech “on the road” for the last two years, delivering his first one at the GrafTech Corporation and this year’s at Parma Community General Hospital. After the Mayor was treated to a sneak peek of the Snow Branch before it opened, he decided showing off this new library is a perfect fit for the 2014 speech. 

“The auditorium is a beautiful space and we are so appreciative of our partnership with the Parma libraries,” he said. "Let's show them off."

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Jan. 29, 2014

Wrecking Ball Brings Big Change to Parma Fixture

PARMA, Ohio – It’s been a fixture in Parma for more than 50 years.

But, with a swing of the wrecking ball, the demolition at the Parmatown Mall began Wednesday morning.

The old shopping mall will become the Shoppes at Parma with a new, larger Dick’s Sporting Goods store and an upgrade of the existing Walmart into a Supercenter.

But, that’s just the beginning.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter said he envisions a new, thriving gathering place, drawing not only locals, but people from surrounding communities who want to check out new shops and restaurants.

The whole building won’t be torn down but it will undergo major renovations along with some new buildings that will go up on the property.

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Jan. 29, 2014

A Special Event with Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter '91

The Cleveland Alumni Chapter invites
you to a very special conversation with

The Honorable Timothy J. DeGeeter ’91
Mayor, the City of Parma

Thursday, March 20, 2014
7 p.m.

Cuyahoga County Public Library
Parma Branch (Large Meeting Room A/B)
6996 Powers Blvd., Parma, OH 44129
(behind Parma City Hall).

Light refreshments will be served

R.S.V.P. requested by clicking here.

For questions or more information, please contact the
Cleveland Alumni Chapter at cleveland@jcu.edu

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Jan. 22, 2014

Playful bet also helps family after house fire

PARMA, Ohio – The bet was about a Division III football  game. More specifically, it was about the game between Mount Union, Councilman Jeff Crossman’s alma mater, and Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s alma mater, “The John Carroll University” while both teams were still undefeated. The loser agreed to wear the team colors of the winner’s team and make a donation to the winner’s choice of charity.

The second part of the bet recently changed. Instead of choosing an established charity, Crossman and DeGeeter decided to give the money to a Parma family recently displaced by fire. Councilman Brian Day, who incidentally also went to John Carroll, matched those donations because the fire was in his ward. When she heard about the family’s plight, Animal Control Officer Julie Kocik matched their donations as well.

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Jan. 16, 2014

2013 Mayor DeGeeter Administration Accomplishments

Mayor Tim DeGeeter's administration offers a review of its accomplishments during 2013. The administration is grateful for the helpful assistance of the Parma City Council – President Sean Brennan and Council members Mary Galinas, Debbie Lime, Mark Casselberry, Brian Day, Allan Divis, Larry Napoli, Brian Brochetti, Scott Tuma and Andy Schofield ‐ and of the City's elected officials – Law Director Tim Dobeck, Auditor Dennis Kish, Treasurer Tom Mastroianni, Clerk of Courts Marty Vittardi, and other city officials. Beginning in 2014, two City Council seats hold new members – Vito Dipierro in Ward One and Jeffrey Crossman in Ward Nine.

This past year, we took strides to move Parma forward. Our partnership with Phillips‐Edison Inc., Parma City Schools and Cuyahoga County has enabled construction to be in full swing on the projected 3‐5‐year building project at what is now called The Shoppes at Parma. The Watershed Stewardship Center opened at West Creek Reservation, which is part of the Cleveland Metroparks system. Two new library branches opened this year – the $15.6‐million Parma main branch opened in October, and the $15.2‐ million Parma Snow branch opened in December.

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Jan. 13, 2014
Press Release

Mayor’s Town Center Task Force formed

PARMA, Ohio - Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the creation of a task force intended to take a big step toward making the words “Town Center” more than just a concept.

The Parma Mayor’s Town Center Task Force is charged with giving real, implementable substance to the idea of the Town Center. The task force will meet several times over the next six months or so and then present a viable, fundable strategic plan to the Mayor and the City Council. The first meeting of the task force, later this month, will be organizational in nature. It is envisioned that the task force will solicit input through public sessions and also allow for residents to provide input online through a website or via e-mail.

The geographic area of the Town Center would include The Shoppes at Parma, Stearns Farm, the Day Drive corridor, Parma City Hall, The Parma Library, Byers Field and the University Hospitals Parma Medical Center.

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Jan. 9, 2014

Peanut butter drive closes out with delivery from Mayor

PARMA, Ohio – You may not see the Parma Peanut Butter Drive boxes out and around any more, but peanut butter is always welcome at any food bank. Organizer Sean Brennan originally founded the event to bring attention to the importance - and expense - of protein for those on limited food budgets.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter made one last, big deposit of peanut butter into the All Faiths Pantry recently. In lieu of a Christmas gift from his Cabinet, DeGeeter requested that members bring in a peanut butter donation for the drive.

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Jan. 8, 2014

It's "Leo Mironovich Day" in Parma

PARMA, Ohio – It’s no secret that Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter is a big fan of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Imagine his delight when he discovered that the Head Drum Major of the Irish marching band is from Parma.

Leo Mironovich and his family came into the Mayor’s office on Wednesday. The Mayor presented Leo with a proclamation that declares Jan. 8 as “Leo Mironovich Day” in Parma. Leo’s parents, Adriana and Roman, and his sister, Melanie, joined him in the visit to City Hall. They are residents in Ward Seven, and their Councilman, Brian Brochetti, dropped in to offer his congratulations as well.

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Jan. 2, 2014

Cuyahoga County Library celebrates 90 years

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor DeGeeter and Parma City Council congratulated the Cuyahoga County Public Library system on its 90th anniversary. Executive Director Sari Feldman, along with Parma’s two branch managers, Kathy Sullivan and Stacey Boycik, were on hand to accept the recognition.

Accolades are nothing new to Feldman and crew. The Cuyahoga County Public Library was recently designated as a five-star library by Library Journal, in its 2013 Index of Public Library Service. This award marked the fifth consecutive year that the CCPL system won a five-star rating and the fourth consecutive year that the system earned Library Journal’s highest overall score (1,549) among libraries in its expenditure range.

“Parma is fortunate to have two such wonderful libraries as it does, and both of them are brand new,” DeGeeter said. “You can’t get better than that. We congratulate Director Feldman and her staff for these well-deserved honors.”

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Dec. 18, 2013

Parma City Council and Mayor Tim DeGeeter honor Eagle Scout

PARMA, Ohio – City Council and Mayor Tim DeGeeter on Monday honored resident Michael Cirino for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest level within the Boy Scouts. Cirino is a student at Trinity High School, and was joined by his father, Gary. (City of Parma)

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Dec. 10, 2013

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter finishing busy second year

PARMA, Ohio – Just after participating in the ribbon cutting at the Parma Snow Library on Saturday, Mayor Tim DeGeeter let out a big breath and said, as if just realizing, "Wow, there have been a lot of these this year."

He wasn't complaining, although he could be forgiven for being a little tired. He's had a very busy second year in office. He's realizing just how busy and successful these days, as he reviews year-end accomplishment memos from his Cabinet directors. He asked for year-end reviews from each department, asking for accomplishments and highlights, in order to create a year-end document for City Council and for the public.

DeGeeter is realizing as he reviews Parma's growth, that his administration has ushered the city several steps forward. Among many other things, Parmatown Mall is being redeveloped into The Shoppes at Parma, West Creek Reservation has opened, two Parma libraries have been completed and opened and the community has successfully switched over to automated trash pickup. The sister city relationship with Lviv, Ukraine is up and running, and Small Business Saturday was a huge success.

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Dec. 9, 2013

Jaycees' parade; Parma-Snow reopening

PARMA, Ohio – The air was cold but the sun was shinning Saturday for the Parma Area Jaycees’ annual Christmas parade. Mayor Tim DeGeeter was joined by City Council representatives and other officials for the procession that led from City Hall down Ridge Road to Stearns Farm, where the celebration continued. There are plenty of pictures of the event at the link. (City of Parma)

Miss Saturday’s grand reopening of the Parma-Snow Branch library? Hear what DeGeeter had to say about the project at the link. Photos from inside the $15.2 million facility can be viewed here. (City of Parma)

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Dec. 5, 2013
Press Release

Parma Mayor will use Parma Snow Library for State of City

PARMA, Ohio - Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s third State of the City speech has been scheduled for Feb. 24, 2014 at the new Snow Road Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The mayor will deliver the speech in the new, state-of-the-art, 400-seat auditorium at the library; the address is scheduled for 7 p.m.

The Mayor has taken the speech “on the road” for the last two years, delivering his first one at the GrafTech Corporation and this year’s at Parma Community General Hospital. After the Mayor was treated to a sneak peek of the Snow Branch last month, he decided the new library is
a perfect fit for the 2014 speech.

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Dec. 3, 2013

Parma launches annual peanut butter drive

PARMA, Ohio – The third annual Parma Peanut Butter Drive is officially underway after organizers kicked off the event at the Parma Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library on Monday. Parma City Council president Sean Brennan, John Visnauskas, Executive Director of All Faiths Pantry – organizers of the event – and Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter were among those on hand for the kickoff.

Brennan says the idea came to him three years ago in a dream, and after he contacted Visnauskas, who was a willing partner, the peanut butter drive was born. “Peanut butter is like food-bank gold,” Brennan said, “because it is such a great source of protein.” Even though peanut butter prices have risen in recent years, it is still the most affordable protein for hungry families.

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Nov. 29, 2013

Parma is ready for Small Business Saturday

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma has been blanketed with blue-and-white Shop Small signs. They can be seen in shop windows and restaurant windows all over the city. Mayor Tim DeGeeter has personally delivered some of them; others have come from Parma City Council members. The business owners have been thrilled to get them.

The signs are a reminder to consumers that Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a national champaign started in 2010 by American Express. The campaign was started to encourage consumers to include small and independent businesses in their holiday shopping, even if they shop national chains on Black Friday.

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Nov. 24, 2013

Parma's Werner's Barber Shop celebrates 50 years of haircutting

PARMA, Ohio – If you added up all the haircuts Werner Voelkel has given over the course of 50 years as a barber and owner/operator of Werner’s Barber Shop at 5240 Broadview Road, it would probably be in the thousands.

Werner, his wife Fran and two sons, Kurt and Erick, were honored with a proclamation observing the barber shop’s 50th anniversary at the city council meeting Nov. 18. Werner and Fran have retired from the business, and Kurt and Erick are continuing their father’s dedication to giving customers a haircut or beard trim at reasonable prices.

The business moved to its present location in the former Broadview Floral Shop at the corner of Broadview and Brookview in May 2012. It was previously at a location across Broadview Road and a few blocks south.

Kurt has been cutting hair for seven years, while Erick has been a barber for 10 years. Both of them tried other careers before going to barber college and following their father in the family business.

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Nov. 22, 2013

Mayor's JFK memorabilia

PARMA, Ohio – Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assignation of President John F. Kennedy. What some people may not know is that Mayor Tim DeGeeter is a huge JFK fan and maintains an extensive memorabilia collection. Click the link to see a small part of what the mayor has on display. (City of Parma)

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Nov. 20, 2013

Parma offering rebates for energy-efficient appliance purchases

PARMA, Ohio – The city has $67,000 to help residents defray the cost of purchasing energy-efficient appliances this holiday season.

That’s the remaining balance of the $609,000 the city received from the U.S. Department on Energy in 2010 to establish the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Residents who purchase Energy Star-rated clothes washers, refrigerators, dishwashers and freezers are eligible for a $150 rebate from the city through the program.

“You can’t beat this if you need to make an appliance purchase, and it’s especially helpful around the holidays,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said in a statement. “The main thing about it is that these are energy-efficient appliances, and that’s important for all of us.”

The program also offers rebates for energy-efficient hot water tanks, entrance doors and windows. Residents can receive $500 if they insulate their entire home.

The maximum household rebate is $750.

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Nov. 19, 2013
Press Release

City, Chamber partner to encourage residents to “Shop Small”

PARMA, Ohio - Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and the Parma Area Chamber of
Commerce are inviting you to consider Shopping Small on Saturday, regardless of how you spend Black Friday.

Saturday, Nov. 30 is considered Small Business Saturday nationwide, and is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. Luckily for local residents, Parma is chock-full of interesting independent small businesses.

“Parma is the perfect place to shop locally,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “The many small businesses here are so varied, and you can find something for yourself and for everyone on your holiday gift list, whether in Ukrainian or Polish villages or elsewhere.”

Aside from several Eastern European food and gift stores, Parma has everything from comic book stores to music instrument sales to specialty liquors, candies and bakery outlets.

Look for “Shop Small” signs in participating business windows in Polish Village, Ukrainian Village and in other businesses in the city. Business owners who a sign for display can call Parma’s Economic Development Office (440-885-8860) or stop by the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce offices located in The Shoppes at Parma.

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Nov. 19, 2013

Parma City Council considering tax breaks for Firstar Precision and Cleveland Plant and Flower

PARMA, Ohio – City Council is considering further tax breaks for Firstar Precision Corporation and the Cleveland Plant and Flower Company.

Both companies are nearing the end of 10-year agreements with the city that allow for as much as a 50 percent rebate on the 2.5 percent local income tax paid by employees. Firstar is seeking a new 10-year agreement, while Cleveland Plant and Flower has asked for a three-year extension of its existing agreement.

Located on Plaza Drive off West 130th Street, Firstar has been manufacturing parts for the hydraulic, air-power and aerospace industries in Parma for 10 years, Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. It employs a workforce of 32, with an annual payroll of roughly $1.7 million, he said.

Corporate Drive off West 130th Street serves as the corporate headquarters for Cleveland Plant and Flower, one of the largest wholesale floral products distributors in the country, according to its website. The company was founded in Cleveland in 1913, and now has 11 distribution centers across Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina.

Cleveland Plant and Flower’s headquarters have been in Parma for 10 years, and has 40 employees and an annual payroll of slightly more than $1 million, DeGeeter said.

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Nov. 18, 2013
CCC's The Voice

Groundbreaking of Public Safety Training Center of Excellence at West

PARMA, Ohio – Tri-C officials dig into the ground at a ceremony commemorating the start of a one-year project to build the Public Safety Training Center of Excellence at the Western Campus in Parma on Nov. 4. “The facility will house classrooms, an indoor shooting range and a gymnasium for physical training. Included in the renovation plans is an outdoor agility range to test strength and physical fitness, a retention pond for water rescues and an underground training area to test maneuverability in confined spaces,” the ceremonial program read.

Mayor DeGeeter at CCC Groundbreaking

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Nov. 14, 2013

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will hold office hours from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday

PARMA, Ohio – Have a question or concern for Mayor Tim DeGeeter? He’ll hold office hours from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall. Registration starts at 4 p.m. This is a great chance for residents to make their voices heard in a personal setting. (City of Parma)

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Nov. 7, 2013
Press Release

Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center honored

PARMA, Ohio - The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association has honored Parma’s Watershed Stewardship Center at West Creek with three 2013 Awards of Excellence winners. The facility itself was recognized with two awards and the Watershed Volunteer Program was recognized as

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter offered congratulations for honors well deserved.

“The Watershed Stewardship Center is a jewel of the Cleveland Metroparks system, and we are proud to have it right here in Parma,” he said. “It’s unbelievable how far that property has come, and it’s wonderful to see it getting the praise it so richly deserves.”

The Center won first place in Park Area Development, second place in the Facility category and second place for its Watershed Volunteer Program.

“Congratulations to everyone who has had any kind of hand in this project,” DeGeeter said. “There were many people involved, and they have been extremely dedicated.”

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Nov. 6, 2013
Press Release

Mayor is grateful for passage of Issue 52

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter is grateful this morning for the passage of Issue 52, Parma’s replacement fire levy. The issue passed by a vote of 7,613-6,827 on Tuesday.

The replacement levy, which increases the current levy by a half-mill, becomes effective in 2015. It is expected to generate approximately $2.8 million in 2015.

"With the voters’ approval of Issue 52, we can continue to provide top-notch fire and EMS services in Parma," DeGeeter said. “The cuts from Columbus have hit us hard, and this money allows us to pay for badly needed equipment and staff.”

Calls for service have nearly doubled since the levy first passed in 1994, and the department is handling those with fewer firefighters on duty. Most of the calls are for EMS services. Fire Chief John French is delighted that some aging fire engines can be replaced and new ambulances purchased.

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 30, 2013
Press Release

Businessman donates Envoy to Smallwood Center

PARMA, Ohio – Barry Axelrod has owned Axelrod Buick GMC since 1979. He’s been happy to be one of Parma’s most prominent businessmen. He is well-known and well-liked … and for good reason.

Axelrod displayed his generosity and local pride recently by donating a 2008 GMC Envoy to the Donna Smallwood Activities Center. The Center will use the vehicle for various transportation needs, among them meal deliveries.

“It’s nice to be in a position to help and for such a great cause,” Axelrod said. “Being part of a local business community also means understanding and caring what happens in that community. This is a great opportunity to show my support for the Smallwood Center.”

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 28, 2013
Press Release

Safety first on Halloween, says Parma Mayor, Police Chief

PARMA, Ohio - The Parma Police Department will be adding extra vehicle and foot patrols on Halloween night to ensure safety of trick-or-treaters. Trick or treating in Parma is scheduled for Halloween night, Thursday, from 6-8 p.m.

“Our goal is a safe and happy Halloween for the kids and parents who take them out trick-ortreating,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “I encourage drivers to be extra watchful for kids in the street and to drive slowly.”

Between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m. on Halloween, PPD’s Traffic Unit will be patrolling city neighborhoods to handle any traffic issues that arise, and the Target Oriented Patrol officers will be watching for any suspicious people or activity.

Parma’s uniformed Auxiliary officers will also be patrolling the city. The Parma Auxiliary Police have been helping the Parma Police Department on Halloween night for the past several years. Auxiliary police will also be providing service to Parma Heights.

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 26, 2013

Parma Branch library opens to big crowd, positive reviews

PARMA, Ohio – The Cuyahoga County Public Library opened its flagship Parma Branch on Saturday, marking the fifth new facility for the system this year under its $110 million master plan.

Located on Powers Boulevard just east of City Hall and across from Parma Community General Hospital, the $15.6 million, 43,000-square-foot Parma Branch replaces the former Parma-Ridge and Parma-South branches, which both closed last weekend. It has been hailed as a model for 21st century libraries for its eco-friendly design, emphasis on technology and abundance of community meeting space.

"As we celebrate the (Cuyahoga County Public Library's) 90th anniversary this year, we do so with optimism and a vision for the future for the Cuyahoga County Public Library. This new branch represents what we believe is where public library service is headed," Cuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director Sari Feldman said to a large crowd gathered for Saturday's ribbon-cutting ceremony.

(read the article ...)


Oct. 22, 2013

Pleasant Valley triathlon

PARMA, Ohio – Here's what's happening this morning:

Led by second grade teacher Sandy Stacho, students at Pleasant Valley Elementary School recently took part in a "triathlon" to raise money for field trips. Each event – reading, walking and dancing – lasted 30 minutes. Click the link to see Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Parma Heights Mayor Mike Byrne getting in on the action. (City of Parma)

(read the article ...)


Oct. 22, 2013
Press Release

Parma’s Senior Safe at Home program grows

PARMA, Ohio - The City of Parma has approved a new three-year contract with ConnectAmerica.com LLC for the provision of telephone-based edical emergency response modules as part of its “Senior Safe at Home Program.” Parma City Council approved the contract Monday night.

The program offers these emergency systems at no cost to income-eligible senior citizens who live alone. This new three-year contract features an upgrade in technology that will allow the participant to be protected from medical emergency anywhere inside and outside of their home.

“The GPS technology in the new device will give our seniors that much needed added peace of mind knowing that they have immediate access to a live voice and emergency services anywhere they go,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “And while the initial goal of this program was to keep seniors safe at home while living independently, this new technology could actually allow us to rename the program ‘Safe at Home and on the Go.’”

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 21, 2013
Press Release

City, Phillips Edison reach development agreement on Shoppes at Parma

PARMA – The City of Parma has approved a public-private partnership with Phillips Edison & Co. to help finance the redevelopment of the Shoppes at Parma.

Monday night, Parma City Council approved a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) package for Phillips Edison, allowing the developer to utilize the increased property taxes to be created by the project to help finance a portion of the development.

Under the development agreement contained in the legislation, the City of Parma receives a completion guarantee of the project, a major priority for the City’s administration. Phillips Edison is obligated to spend at least $56 million on the redevelopment.

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 9, 2013

DeGeeter goes up in smoke

PARMA, Ohio – Here's what's happening this morning:

To help observe Fire Prevention Week, Mayor Tim DeGeeter on Tuesday suited up for a trip through the Cuyahoga Community College Fire Training Academy's live-fire training trailer. The link includes pictures, commentary from DeGeeter and helmet-cam footage. (City of Parma)

(read the article ...)


Oct. 9, 2013
Press Release

Parma leaf collection schedule posted

PARMA, Ohio -- Parma’s leaf collection program is a preventative maintenance measure to prevent the blockage of the street catch basins, prevent sewer backup into homes and prevent standing water in the roadways which can cause icy conditions. Residents should limit their leaf collections to leaves from their front yards, and the City asks residents to follow basic instructions:

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 4, 2013
Press Release and coverage

City of Parma, Parma Hospital partner on City’s second outdoor fitness trail

PARMA, Ohio -- The second outdoor physical fitness exercise path in the City of Parma has been installed at James Day Park. The project is the result of a partnership between the City and Parma Community General Hospital. Ribbon cutting for the path is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 2:30 p.m. at the park on Pleasant Valley Road.

The specially made outdoor exercise equipment was manufactured by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness and was purchased through Snider & Associates in North Royalton. Parma Hospital funded the purchase of the equipment by the City at a cost of approximately $25,000; the equipment was subsequently installed by City workers on a newly paved path at Day Park.

“Our administration has placed a high priority on quality of life issues since Day One,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “We have an outstanding Recreation Department, and adding this exercise path just makes it that much better. We hope the path will get good use by Parma and area residents.”

(read the press release ...)

(see the NewsNet5 coverage ...)


Sep. 19, 2013
Press Release and coverage

Property ticketing program begins in Parma

PARMA, Ohio -- In its continuing effort to focus on quality of life issues, the City of Parma will begin misdemeanor ticketing of neglected properties on Monday. The program was previously approved by City Council.

This and other programs are part of the administration’s “Good Neighborhoods Initiative.”

The ticketing program, pushed by the DeGeeter administration and City Council, enables property inspectors to begin immediately ticketing property owners who show neglect for their properties. Examples include high grass, non-working autos parked in a yard and excessive trash
on a property. While the tickets would be similar to those issued for minor traffic offenses because they are issued immediately – “a snapshot in time,” Assistant Building Commissioner Don Graves calls it – the property owner has the option to choose a court appearance rather than pay the ticket outright.

“If you take care of your home and property, you should be happy about this program,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “Nobody likes to see the high grass and trash that collects at neglected properties. We are hoping that this program will help cut down on those types of homes.”

(read the press release ...)

(see the WKYC News coverage ...)

(read the Cleveland.com article ...)


Sep. 12, 2013
WTAM Radio

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter Talks Parma With Wills

"Spotlight on Parma" - Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter chats about the Great Things In Parma with Bill.

(listen to the show segment ...)


Sep. 6, 2013
Post and video courtesy of Dan Hanson

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter at Ukrainian Festival 2013

PARMA, Ohio -- Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter was introduced in both Ukrainian and English at the annual Ukrainian festival in Ukrainian Village after the Ukrainian Parade in Parma, Ohio. Mayor DeGeeter thanked the Ukrainian community for their support in Parma.

(see the video on YouTube ...)


Aug. 27, 2013
Cleveland.com Article

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter takes to Twitter as city embraces digital approach to services

PARMA, Ohio - When Mayor Tim DeGeeter took office in 2012, he says City Hall didn't have a wireless Internet connection. That's since changed, and so has the way the city communicates with its 82,000 residents.

DeGeeter operates two Twitter accounts, @ParmaMayor and @TimDeGeeter, which he says have become a valuable tool for not just broadcasting timely information such as road closures and city events, but also fielding questions and concerns from a modest, but growing, total of about 1,300 followers.

(read the article ...)


Aug. 20, 2013
Press Release

Mayor stresses driver safety at new school year

PARMA, Ohio -- Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter reminds area motorists to be extra cautious and alert while driving in traffic because local schools will soon be back in session.

“While students are learning their ABCs, drivers can remember theirs, too – Always Be Cautious,” DeGeeter said. “It’s important to slow down, pay attention to street signs and always be aware of our surroundings.”

Some things to remember about Parma school-zone enforcement: There are nineteen school zones within the City of Parma that are photo-enforced for speed. The city has two cameras that are randomly deployed at different locations during the course of a day to enforce the 20-mileper- hour school zone speed limit. Parma’s enforcement zones are announced with a large sign that reads: “Photo Enforcement Zone Ahead” and at least one officer is always on-site during photo enforcement activation. Any resulting fines are civil and do not result in points against a
driver’s license.

(read the press release ...)


Aug. 15, 2013
Press Release

City and schools working on public-private effort to redevelop Parma's mall

Schools adopt agreement with developer at board meeting

PARMA, Ohio -- The City of Parma and the Parma School District are working with Phillips Edison & Co. on a public-private effort on the nearly $70 million redevelopment of the Shoppes at Parma.

City and schools officials said the redevelopment is essential in helping spur economic growth and opportunity, important for the long-term health of both Parma and its school system. Phillips Edison acquired the former Parmatown Mall and Shopping Center last year and estimated the redevelopment would create about 700 construction jobs and, when completed, could mean 2,000 retail and office jobs over the next decade.

(read the press release ...)


Aug. 5, 2013
Press Release



PARMA, Ohio -- On August 24, 2013, the Parma’s Ukrainian-American community will host a grand parade in Parma’s Ukrainian Village to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.  The parade will start at 11:00am from Grantwood Drive and will proceed north on State Road to St Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral.  In addition to numerous Ukrainian-American youth, social, religious, business and dance organizations, the parade participants will include local High School bands, representatives from other ethnic communities as well as Ukrainian Village businesses.

(read the press release ...)


Aug. 5, 2013
Press Release

Mayor to spend birthday reading bedtime stories to Parma youth

PARMA, Ohio -- Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will celebrate his birthday on Thursday … by reading bedtime stories to 30 or so Parma-area kids in jammies.

The program, at the Parma-Snow branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library, will begin at 7 p.m. Mayor DeGeeter and Parma City School District Superintendent Jeff Graham will read bedtime stories and all will be invited to share the Mayor’s birthday cake.

“Everybody loves a bedtime story,” the Mayor said. “What better way to spend my birthday than with my kids … and 30 or so of their little friends?”

(read the press release ...)


July 30, 2013
Cleveland.com Article

Armond Budish gets Parma backing in Cuyahoga executive race

PARMA, Ohio - Cuyahoga County executive candidate Armond Budish announced a slew of endorsements from the county’s largest suburb Tuesday.

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter, Council President Sean Brennan, and state Rep. Nick Celebrezze, as well as council members, the city treasurer, clerk of courts and law director, all threw their support behind Budish, a state representative from Beachwood. All are Democrats.

“Armond Budish is a proven leader who knows how to bring people together,” DeGeeter said in a news release loaded with laudatory quotes from Parma officials. “Armond is a friend of Parma’s. He understands that we are stronger when the 59 communities in Cuyahoga County work together.”

(read the article ...)


July 23, 2013
Press Release

4-year-old Tot T-ball player wins first pitch honors

PARMA, Ohio - George Hartwig is going to walk his tiny four-year-old body out onto Progressive Field, which is about a million times bigger than anywhere he’s ever been. He’s going to hold a regulation major-league baseball in his little hands, and then he’ll do his best to toss it in the general direction of forward.

It’s a moment he’ll never forget … if he remembers it past bedtime.

George’s name was drawn from those entries in a drawing for Parma residents who bought advance tickets for Parma Night from the city’s Parks & Recreation Department. The winner had to be 17-or-under to throw out the first pitch, which is usually an honored reserved for the
Mayor. Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter decided it was a better idea to have a drawing for a Parma child to do it.

(read the press release ...)


July 16, 2013
Press Release

City hosts second Mayor’s Movie Night Out

PARMA, Ohio - Mayor Tim DeGeeter invites Parma residents to join him for an outdoor viewing of the movie “The Lorax” on Saturday, July 20 at James Day Park.

The event will feature a screen that measures 26 feet by 15 feet. The viewing will take place on the park’s Soccer Fields 1 & 2. Residents are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the free family night out. A concession stand will also be available at the event.

Gates at the park will open at 7:30 p.m., and the movie is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. Cornhole and carnival games will be available during the interim before the movie begins.

(read the press release ...)


July 16, 2013
Press Release

Roy Williams to speak at Mayor’s Economic Forum

PARMA, Ohio - Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced another in his series of Economic Development Forums, this one to feature Roy Williams of the Phillips-Edison Company, who will discuss redevelopment plans for The Shoppes at Parma.

The forum, which is open to Parma business owners, is scheduled for Tuesday, July 30 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. at the The Shoppes at Parma Conference Center, which is near the offices of the Parma Recreation Department.

This forum, like the others that have preceded it, is intended to provide information for Parma’s business community and to allow for an interactive exchange between attendees, Mayor DeGeeter and his economic development team.

(read the press release ...)


July 2, 2013
Press Release

Italian-American Club saves old fire station

PARMA, Ohio - Old World Parma will add an Italian social club to the ethnic flavor of its neighborhood. Parma’s former Fire Station #1, at 7504 Snow Road, has been leased to the Southwest Italian-American Club with terms for ownership after five years.

City officials are supportive of the project for both economic and historical reasons. The new occupant allows a city property with historical significance that has been vacant for six years to be returned to being a productive property.

“This neighborhood’s residents, along with Councilwoman Debbie Lime, have worked hard to establish an identity for Polish Village and Old World Parma,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “The Southwest Italian-American Club is an ideal fit here.”

(read the press release ...)

(see photo of former Fire Station #1 ...)


Jun. 22, 2013
WKSU News Article

New West Creek Reservation center immerses you in the watershed
The $4.5 million Stewardship Center sprang from a citizens effort to save green space in Parma

PARMA, Ohio - The Cleveland Metroparks yesterday opened a new park visitor center. But the building at the West Creek Reservation in Parma is so unusual, it’s called a “Watershed Stewardship Center.“ WKSU’s Mark Urycki explains the park itself has an unusual background.

There are a lot of unusual things about the West Creek Reservation. The newest of the Cleveland Metroparks came about only because developers wanted to build commercial properties on this last bit of green space in Parma. Citizens like Dave Lincheck came up with another plan and offered it to city officials.

“(At) several meetings around my kitchen table – and some of the other volunteers’ kitchen tables -- we put together a concept plan for a park.

”Another member of that citizens’ group, Tim DeGeeter, says they were able to pass a ballot issue to preserve the land and another to raise money for a park.

“This was a landfill here at one time.  Talk about a transformation.”

(read the article ...)


Jun. 17, 2013
Channel 5 News Article

Parma building inspectors may ticket property owners for high grass and trash

PARMA, Ohio - Parma building inspectors could soon join police in writing on-the-spot tickets to residents.

Parma City Council is considering legislation that would allow inspectors to ticket and fine homeowners for simple, quality of life issues like high grass and weeds, unlicensed vehicles parked on property and trash and debris in the yard.

If legislation passes, a minor misdemeanor ticketing penalty would be added to the existing nuisance property procedure.

"It is not to address repairs that require a more lengthy period of time to make the necessary repairs," said Don Graves, Parma assistant building commissioner and property maintenance coordinator.

(read the article ...)


Jun. 15, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma Girl Scouts honored for community service

Parma Girl Scouts in troops 70027, 70802, 70806, 70959 and 71499 were honored earlier this month at a City Council meeting for their service to the community.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter and council President Sean Brennan awarded them the Year of Service Badge to mark the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

The girls certainly earned the badge. Collectively they logged 1,259 community service hours over the past year.

(read the article ...)


Jun. 13, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma inspectors may start ticketing residents for housing and property violations

PARMA Homeowners who don’t take care of their properties might start feeling quick stings to their wallets.

City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow building inspectors, in essence, to ticket residents whose properties violate certain building and property- maintenance laws.

The tickets would be similar to those issued by police officers for traffic violations. An offender would either pay the ticket or fight it in court.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter said the ordinance would be another tool the city might use to deal with rundown properties, many of which are vacant and-or foreclosed upon.

DeGeeter said the city would use common sense when deciding which property owners to ticket.

For example, inspectors would likely go after properties that have been chronic nuisances. They would not target seniors who have difficulty maintaining their homes, DeGeeter said.

(read the article ...)


Jun. 11, 2013
Sun News Article

Ukrainians in Parma support city's plan to become sister city with Lviv, Ukraine

PARMA On Monday, about 20 representatives of the Ukrainian community urged City Council to make Parma a sister city with Lviv, Ukraine.

A proposed resolution would help make it happen. Council’s Governmental Operations Committee referred the resolution to council Monday.

It was Mayor Tim DeGeeter, during his February state-of-the-city address, who first publicly proposed cultivating a sister-city relationship with Lviv. At the time, DeGeeter said he sent a letter about the proposed relationship to Lviv’s mayor.

(read the article ...)


Jun. 08, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma will ask voters to pass replacement levy for Fire Department in November

PARMA In November, the city will likely ask voters to replace an existing 1.5-mill levy, established in 1994 for the Fire Department, with a new a 2-mill levy.

The half-mill increase is needed so that the fire department can buy new vehicles and avoid layoffs, city officials told the Sun Post on Monday.

“We need this (half-mill increase) just to maintain the staff we now have,” Safety Director Greg Baeppler told the Sun Post.

(read the article ...)


May 24, 2013
Press Release

Parma to receive storm-related reimbursement

PARMA, Ohio - The City of Parma will be reimbursed $92,689.38 for expenses incurred while providing emergency measures and debris removal as a result of Hurricane Sandy in late October last year.

Almost $80,000 of the reimbursement comes from FEMA – the Federal
Emergency Management Agency. The other roughly $13,000 will come from the State of Ohio, Office of Emergency Management. The City of Parma was required to complete paperwork documentation of emergency related expenses, and that total was approved to be reimbursed at 87.5%

(read the press release ...)


May 23, 2013
Sun News Article

Hundreds of young volunteers will repair homes in Parma, Parma Heights and Brooklyn

PARMA More than 400 young volunteers will repair and spruce up about 71 pre-selected homes next month in Parma, Parma Heights and Brooklyn.

The young people will come from all over the United States. They will help residents, like the elderly, who cannot handle or afford their own home repairs.

Work also will be done in the Old Brooklyn section of Cleveland. It will cost the recipient homeowners nothing.

The volunteer effort is being organized by North Coast Mission Connection, a partnership between Ridgewood United Methodist and Good Shepherd United churches in Parma and Brecksville United Methodist Church.

(read the article ...)


May 21, 2013
Press Release

Nuisance property demolished; neighbors celebrate

PARMA, Ohio – A blight on Parma’s neighborhood landscape – and a perennial source of law enforcement activity – has been literally wiped out.  Where there was formerly a home located at 7707 Bertha Avenue, there is now a vacant lot.

The home was demolished at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, and the land will be placed in Parma’s land bank. This action was a direct response to neighborhood concern about the property. Last year, Mayor Tim DeGeeter and other city officials met with concerned neighbors and Councilwoman Debbie Lime about the problem property.

(read the press release ...)

(see the before and after photos ...)

May 16, 2013
Cuy. Co. Library on Tumblr

Leaders Are Readers: Parma Mayor Timothy DeGeeter

Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Parma branches have teamed up with notable community leaders to promote reading. These reading role models will inspire others to read by sharing their time, literary interests, reading habits and favorite books.

Mayor Timothy DeGeeter was quite eager to share his reading habits. He and his family, including children Jack and Molly, check out material from the Library and attend Library programs. The Mayor started his appreciation of reading at an early age, when his mother read to him and his sister. “She read from a big book with Mother Goose on the cover.” In grade school, he loved sports stories and books about athletes.

(read the post ...)


Apr. 30, 2013
Press Release

Rob Chudzinski will participate in Polish Constitution Day parade

PARMA, Ohio - New Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski has agreed to be a special guest in Parma’s Polish Constitution Day parade on Sunday. The coach will march in the parade with Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

The 65th annual Polish Constitution Day Parade will commence on Sunday, May 5 at 2 p.m.  The parade will start at Parma Circle on Ridge Road and continue north to Snow Road.  Following the parade, there will be an after-party behind Unity Catholic Credit Union on Ridge Road. Polish food will be provided by Zydeco Bistro, Umami Moto, StrEat Bistro, Nosh Bar and Little Polish Diner.

(read the press release ...)


Apr. 30, 2013
Press Release

Parma will receive inconvenience credit from Republic Services

PARMA, Ohio - The City of Parma will receive just over $73,000 by Republic Services as an inconvenience credit as a result of a recent work stoppage.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Service Director Brian Higgins were in constant contact with Republic Services during the work stoppage in Parma and asked about whether the City would receive compensation.

During the work stoppage, Parma was one of the first communities to receive replacement workers, but some residents did not receive service in a timely manner. “We appreciate everyone’s patience during that time, including our City Council members who tried to help residents and also, of course, the residents themselves,” DeGeeter said. “We’re all glad this is over, and we feel that the reimbursement is just.”

(read the press release ...)


Apr. 27, 2013
Fox 8 News Article

Parma Residents Enjoy Safety Fair

PARMA, Ohio — Parma residents were treated to the gift of education on Saturday at the city’s annual Safety Fair.

The local fire department, police department and city council worked together to put on the event at the Parma Justice Center.

A flag-raising, grease fire education demonstration, tours of the police station and K-9 demonstrations were part of the program.

(read the article ...)


Apr. 22, 2013
Press Release

Exciting news at Stearns Homestead:
Historic farm to partner with Cleveland Crops

PARMA – Stearns Homestead is partnering with Cleveland Crops to create an urban farm on the 48-acre historic site in the heart of Parma – a move to further enhance the attraction as a destination.

Created by the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Board of DD), Cleveland Crops operates eight sites across the county and will grow fruits and vegetables on 17 acres at the homestead. The locally grown produce will be sold to restaurants and to farmers' markets, including Stearns'.

Cleveland Crops, part of the Board of DD's Solutions At Work program, will begin working at Stearns Homestead in May. On Wednesday, the Parma Planning Commission will consider approval of, among other things, a small pole barn and a small parking lot on the 17 acres at the homestead.

(read the press release ...)


Apr. 9, 2013
Press Release

Polish Constitution Day celebration May 3-5
Activities will culminate Sunday in Constitution Day parade on Ridge Road

PARMA, Ohio -- The Ohio Division of the Polish American Congress, in conjunction with the City of Parma, will hold its 65th annual Polish Constitution Day Parade on Sunday, May 5 at 2 p.m.  The parade will start at Parma Circle on Ridge Road and continue north to Snow Road.  Following the parade, there will be an after-party behind Unity Catholic Credit Union on Ridge Road. Polish food will be provided by Zydeco Bistro, Umami Moto, StrEat Bistro, Nosh Bar and Little Polish Diner.

(read the press release ...)


Apr. 5, 2013
Press Release

Parma Safety Fair on April 27

PARMA, Ohio - Parma’s annual Safety Fair, a community event for Parma-area residents to learn valuable safety information, is scheduled for Saturday, April 27from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be held at the Parma Justice Center, 5555 Powers Blvd., with the cooperation of the Parma Fire Department, Parma Police Department, City of Parma and Parma City Council.

In addition to the Safety Fair, prescription medication disposal and a community shredding event will also be held on the same day and in the same area.

(read the press release ...)


Mar. 14, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma school principal will shave head in honor of pupil who died of cancer

PARMA -- On Feb. 3, Anthony Kashi, a 6th-grader at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Parma, passed away after a six-year fight against brain cancer. He was only 11.

This week, Anthony’s school principal, Eileen Updegrove, will have her head shaved in his memory, and to raise money for cancer research.

Updegrove is taking drastic action because cancer is an ongoing presence in her school. In addition to Anthony, three other St. Charles pupils have been battling the disease.

“My hair will grow back,” Updegrove said. “I’m fortunate I’m not losing my hair because of cancer.”

(read the article ...)


Mar. 11, 2013
Press Release

Mayor’s In event on March 27

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter will be “in” on Wednesday, March 27 – hosting Parma residents in his office at City Hall from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

The event is part of the Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out program in which DeGeeter hosts residents in City Hall every other month, and on alternate months, meets with residents at a public event in the city.

On March 27, Parma residents can sign up in the lobby of City Hall beginning at 4 p.m. Then, at 4:30, each resident will have five minutes to talk to the mayor one-on-one. Residents can bring concerns, comments or kudos to the mayor, and all are welcome.

(read the press release ...)

(read the Sun News article ...)


Mar. 11, 2013
Press Release

DeGeeter sets Economic Development meeting for March 21

PARMA, Ohio -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter begins a second year of Economic DevelopmentForums with a meeting on March 21.

The meeting will be hosted by Bryant & Stratton College, at 12955 Snow Road, from 5:30 – 7 p.m.  The meeting is intended to provide information for Parma’s business community and to allow for an interactive exchange between attendees, Mayor DeGeeter and his economic development team.

Mayor DeGeeter and Dave Nedrich, president of the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, will provide opening remarks, and Parma’s Economic Development staff – Director Erik Tollerup and Economic Development Officer Shelley Cullins - will provide updates.

(read the press release ...)

(read the Sun News article ...)


Mar. 7, 2013
Press Release

Additional meetings scheduled to discuss trash pick-up

PARMA, Ohio - The city has added additional meetings in its continuing effort to inform residents about Parma's new automated trash collection program.

The city is embarking on the new program to increase recycling and save $800,000 on its trash collection -- a move that will allow Parma to remain one of the few surrounding communities not to charge residents additional fees for garbage pick-up.

Because of residential interest in the new program, the city is making every effort to accommodate all who want to speak to representatives of Republic Waste about the new procedures.

(read the press release ...)

(read the Sun News article ...)


Mar. 02, 2013
Parma Observer Article

DeGeeter Delivers State Of The City Speech

Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s second State of the City address was much easier to deliver than his first.

Last year, DeGeeter and his staff were barely in the door when Macy’s announced it was pulling out of Parmatown. Sometime during the first six weeks in office, he remembered that, by city ordinance, he had to deliver the State of the City speech by the end of February. And on the morning of the speech, he learned the disturbing news about the school shooting that had taken place in nearby Chardon, shaking all of Northeast Ohio.

(read the article ...)

(watch the video ...)


Feb. 25, 2013
Sun News Article

City of Parma to pursue sister relationship with Lviv in Ukraine

PARMA -- The city and its Ukrainian Village hope to cultivate a “sister relationship” with the city of Lviv in Ukraine, Mayor Tim DeGeeter announced earlier tonight.

DeGeeter said that on Friday he sent a letter about the proposed relationship to Lviv's mayor.

DeGeeter said the move is another step toward building and strengthening a Ukrainian identity within Parma and Ukrainian Village.

(read the article ...)


Feb. 25, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will give state-of-the-city address tonight

PARMA -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter will give his second state-of-the-city address at 7 p.m. today in Parma Community General Hospital, 7007 Powers Boulevard.

The speech will take place in the hospital's John A. Nelson Auditorium.

DeGeeter will review the first year of his administration and discuss goals for 2013. He will talk about creating jobs, strengthening the local economy and making government more efficient.

(read the article ...)


Feb. 19, 2013
Press Release

Valley Freightliner, Fifty Jobs Relocate to Parma

PARMA, Ohio -- Valley Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star Trucks has relocated operations to 10901 Brookpark Road in Parma, bringing 50 jobs - 49 of them full-time - with a payroll of just under $3 million.

Previously located in Brook Park, Valley Freightliner chose Parma after its previous dealership was destroyed by fire.

“We are very pleased to welcome Valley Freightliner here and to offer economic development tools to help them grow jobs in Parma,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “We believe the owners will find Parma a great place to do business. The added bonus is that it will fill a two-year vacancy at the former Spitzer dealership site.”

In addition to the 50 new jobs, Valley Freightliner plans on adding 10 more positions over the next two years.

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Feb. 19, 2013
Press Release

Parma City Hall & Ries Rink go wireless for public access

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma has installed three wireless networks, two at City Hall and one at Ries Rink.

The city Wi-Fi has been put into three areas for public access. The first is on the first floor of City Hall, named Parma City Hall,and is for use in the main conference room for when meetings are being held to access to the Internet to share information for business. The public, while waiting in the lobby, will also be able to check electronic mail or update Internet schedules on the go.

The second area for the city Wi-Fi is located downstairs in the Council Chambers and is named Council Chambers.  This also can be used for the public to access the Internet, and during meetings, public Internet access is now available. 

The third area for the city Wi-Fi is located at Ries Ice Rink and the whole building can access the Internet using the Wi-Fi network named Ries Rink.Thisenables live streaming for high school games and also allows parents to communicate with their children using Internet applications to keep in touch.

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(read the Parma Observer article ...)

(read the Sun News article ...)


Jan. 29, 2013
Press Release

Parma State of the City speech set for Feb. 25

PARMA, Ohio -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter is scheduled to offer his second State of the City presentation on Feb. 25. Continuing the trend he started last year, he will showcase a community partner and deliver the speech at Parma Community General Hospital.

The presentation will be held at 7 p.m. in the hospital’s John A. Nelson Auditorium.

DeGeeter is looking forward to highlighting the many accomplishments during his administration’s first year in office. He will also look ahead to further goals of the administration. The speech will also serve as February’s “Mayor Out” event during which residents may speak to the Mayor before or after the speech.

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Jan. 20, 2013
Parma Observer Article

DeGeeter Reflects On Successful First Year

When Tim DeGeeter meets with Parma residents one-on-one during his “Mayor’s In” meetings – this month’s will be from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Jan. 30, 2013  – he is reminded that, as mayor of the state’s seventh-largest city, a lot can be learned from staying connected with residents. Being accessible has been a priority during his first year in office; entering his second year, he is looking forward to continuing to reap the benefits of that enhanced communication.

“Staying connected with residents is so important,” DeGeeter says, “because, obviously, these are the people we serve. We want residents to understand that, working together, we really can do concrete things to move Parma forward.”

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Jan. 20, 2013
Sun News Article

Tim DeGeeter of Parma joins Ohio Municipal League's Board of Trustees

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Municipal League, a statewide association that serves the interests of municipal governments in Ohio.

DeGeeter will serve a two-year term on the 28-member board. Other board members include Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo.

The OML represents the interests of Ohio cities and villages before the Ohio General Assembly and state administration officials.

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Jan. 18, 2013
WMMS.com Article

Closure of a Michigan plant means jobs are coming here -- Michigan's loss is Parma's gain.

(Parma) -- General Motors is closing down its Weld Tool Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan -- near Flint -- and is offering that plant's nearly 350 employees jobs in three other plants including the Parma Metal Center.

Parma mayor Tim DeGeeter tells WTAM 1100 he got the news in a phone call from the manager of the Parma Metal Center. DeGeeter was thrilled to get the news, saying "this is a continuation of additional investment in the plant. That shows the plant is strong."

GM is saying as many as 200 jobs from the Grand Blanc plant could be coming to Parma, but DeGeeter says he's been told the exact number will depend on how many workers decide to come to Parma as opposed to other GM facilities. A newsletter sent out by UAW Local 1005 says the plant will receive about two-thirds of the Michigan plant's tooling and workers.

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Jan. 18, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma will prepare residents for automated-trash collection

PARMA -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter, toward the end of January, will mail to residents information regarding Parma’s new automated trash-collection program.

The packets will contain instruction sheets, which the city is still composing, with the program’s rules and regulations.

Also, the packets will provide dates and times of meetings where residents can learn about the automated-trash program.

In addition, Republic Services, which will handle the automated service for the city, will send postcards to elderly residents.

The postcards will contain information that will help seniors decide what size of trash cans they need for the automated program.

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Jan. 17, 2013
NewsNet5 Story
GM plant in Michigan closing means more workers, investment in Parma

PARMA, Ohio - The Parma General Motors plant is expected to receive more employees, the city’s mayor, Tim DeGeeter, told NewsChannel5 on Thursday.

The Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center in Michigan will cease operations in July, sending more workers to northeast Ohio.

"The plant currently employs 323 hourly and 28 salaried employees," said GM spokesperson Tom Wickham.

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Jan. 4, 2013
Sun News Article

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter sends letters to Cox Cable and Raycom Media urging quick settlement to fee impasse

PARMA -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter, in letters dated Thursday, has urged both Cox Cable and Raycom Media Inc. to settle quickly their dispute over transmission fees.

The dispute has led to a blackout of WOIO-TV, which is a CBS affiliate, and WUAB-TV for about 65,000 Cox cable-TV customers in Greater Cleveland. Raycom owns both TV stations.

In his letter, DeGeeter said "a number" of Cox subscribers have called City Hall to complain about the dispute and the loss of WOIO and WUAB.

DeGeeter said he, like many Parma residents, receives cable-TV, Internet and phone-service from Cox.

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Dec. 28, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma 2012 ice show called a huge success: Letter to the Editor

I very much enjoyed attending the Parma Parks & Recreation production of the 2012 Ice Show, “It’s a Country Christmas” last weekend. The show, under the direction of Figure Skating Director Melissa Lagania, showcased the remarkable talents each child has gained while participating in our Learn to Skate Program.

We are fortunate to have a hardworking, dedicated staff, which makes our yearly show a success. I would like to especially thank Recreation Director Mickey Vittardi, Assistant Recreation Director/Rink Manager Roberto Discenza, Chief Assistant Rink Manager Ron Dean and Figure Skating Director Melissa Lagania for all their hard work. Also, all of our assistant figure skating instructors and our entire staff of rink employees. The rink looks fantastic!

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Dec. 27, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma City Council approves contract for automated trash collection

PARMA City Council, at a special meeting late this afternoon, unanimously approved an ordinance that will bring automated collection of curbside trash and recyclable material to the city.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter praised the switch to automated trash collection. He said it will save the city money and increase recycling.

DeGeeter and Service Director Brian Higgins said automated trash collection is the wave of the future. Higgins said it is working well in 15 other local communities and DeGeeter said cities across the nation have moved to automated trash collection.

"We're not the first man on the moon on this," DeGeeter said.

Council President Sean Brennan agreed. He said new trash cans that will come with the automated program will improve the city's appearance. He said the existing manual-trash system, with its mixture of garbage cans and bags, makes city streets "a mess."

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Dec. 26, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma may move city department into vacant building in Ukrainian Village

PARMA - The city hopes to move its Department of Community Services and Economic Development— which now leases office space on Broadview Road — into a city-owned building.

Administration officials are considering at least two locations for the department but the leading contender is the vacant Boyko Building, 5945 State Road. The city bought the building earlier this year.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter said the move would be part of a larger plan to end the city’s practice of leasing office space for some departments.

For example, the city’s Recreation and Fire departments lease space in Parmatown Mall.

DeGeeter said the city would save money in the long run by moving these departments into city-owned buildings.

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Dec. 14, 2012
Press Release

Parma shares in $100,000 grant to consolidate services

PARMA, Ohio –The City of Parma, in conjunction with five other Northeast Ohio counties and nonprofit broadband provider OneCommunity, has won a $100,000 grant from the State of Ohio’s Local Government Innovation Fund to help facilitate shared services among government entities.

The five other counties that will benefit from the grant are Stark, Cuyahoga, Erie, Medina and Trumbull.

The grant will fund a network readiness assessment to evaluate each partner’s broadband network infrastructure and ensure that each is prepared to offer and receive shared services.

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Dec. 10, 2012
Parma City Hall

Media Advisory: Please note change in speakers for Mayor’s economic summit meeting

PARMA, Ohio - Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the date and time of the next economic summit meeting with members of the Parma business community. The meeting will be held on Dec. 13 in room nine of Parma Community General Hospital's Health Education Center at 7300 State Rd. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. and go until approximately 7 p.m.

This meeting is part of a series of dialogues with local businesses. As promised during his campaign, the Mayor has been committed to interacting with the business community.

“The more we talk, the more we know about the needs of the businesses that make up Parma,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “Dialogue is an important step in a hopefully growing and expanding a healthy local economy.”

Representatives from the offices of U.S. Representatives Marcy Kaptur and Jim Renacci will speak at the meeting.

If you are a business owner or are interested in the local business community and would like to attend the summit, please RSVP to Shelley Cullins. Please contact her at 440-885-8860 or scullins@cityofparma-oh.gov.


Dec. 8, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma will tear down fire safety house and build new one

The city has scrapped plans to move its existing fire safety house to Parma Community General Hospital’s Health Education Center on State Road.

Instead, the city will build a new fire safety house at the HEC. That is what city administration officials told the Sun Post late last week.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter said the city will save about $30,000 by constructing a new house instead of moving the existing one. He said it would cost about $139,500 to move the building and about $110,000 to demolish it and rebuild.

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Dec. 7, 2012
Parma City Hall

Media Advisory:

Parma resident Steve Gall, recently elected to the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, will be sworn in on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 9 at 3 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Parma City Hall. The ceremony will be preceded by a reception beginning at 2 p.m. All are invited to the swearing in. Media coverage is invited and appreciated.


Dec. 5, 2012
Press Release

Medical Mart featured at new economic summit meeting

PARMA, Ohio - Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the date and time of the next economic summit meeting with members of the Parma business community. The meeting will be held on Dec. 13 in room nine of Parma Community General Hospital's Health Education Center at 7300 State Rd. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. and go until approximately 7 p.m.

This meeting is part of a series of dialogues with local businesses. As promised during his campaign, the Mayor has been committed to interacting with the business community.

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Nov. 20, 2012
Sun News Article

Tim DeGeeter of Parma and Michael Byrne of Parma Heights help re-open Stumph Road


Parma -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter of Parma and Mayor Michael Byrne of Parma Heights -- along with Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald -- re-opened Stumph Road between Snow and Pearl roads earlier today.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on Stumph between Huffman Road and Big Creek Parkway.

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Nov. 18, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma Area Fine Arts Council thanks community supporters:
Letter to the Editor


On Oct. 13, the Parma Area Fine Arts Council celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting an arts and crafts show and sale. Proceeds from the event benefit the PAFAC Arts Scholarship Program, awarded annually to a graduating student residing in Parma, Parma Heights or Seven Hills.

The board of directors would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended and all the vendors involved in the show.

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Nov. 20, 2012
Sun News Article

Stumph Road in Parma Heights will be officially re-opened today at 10 a.m.


PARMA HEIGHTS -- Today at 10 a.m., Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, Parma Heights Mayor Michael Byrne and Parma Mayor Timothy DeGeeter will officially re-open Stumph Road after several months of infrastructure improvements.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will highlight the more than $6.5million in upgrades and improvements made to Stumph Road from Snow Road to Pearl Road.

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Nov. 17, 2012
Sun News Article

Tim DeGeeter will meet individually with Parma residents


PARMA- Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will meet individually with residents to discuss their concerns from 4:30-6 p.m. Nov. 28 in City Hall, 6611 Ridge Road.

The meetings with residents will take place on a first-come, first-serve basis in DeGeeter’s office.

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Nov. 11, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma will help promote small businesses with new website


PARMA- Many small businesses in Parma don’t have the time, expertise or resources to create their own websites.

Starting in February, the city will help these shops establish an Internet presence that it hopes will attract more people to the Parma business scene.

The city is crafting a website called Faces and Places. It will feature information and videos about small businesses throughout town.

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Nov. 9, 2012
Sun News Article

New Parmatown owner tells Parma officials it will take three years to redevelop mall property


PARMA- It will take three years for Phillips Edison & Co. to redesign and rebuild Parmatown Mall.

That is what the firm, which bought Parmatown Oct. 16, told city officials, according to Mayor Tim DeGeeter.

“That tells me they are going to make a significant investment in Parma,” DeGeeter said. “We’re real excited because we think anything that would take three years to do, they’re not keeping the status quo.”

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Nov. 7, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma voters pass police levy overwhelmingly


PARMA- In 2007, when Parma voters last approved a 2-mill police levy, the issue passed by a measly 325 votes.

That’s according to Dan Hoffman, who was police chief at the time.

Apparently, residents have gained a lot more confidence in their Police Department since then.

On Tuesday, Parma voters approved a renewal of that police levy by a count of 19,854 to 12,756.

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Nov. 2, 2012
Parma Observer Article

Parma Experiencing Investment In Commerical And Industrial Sectors

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter said the City is working with manufacturers and small businesses to expand and grow jobs in Parma. "Keeping and creating jobs is a top priority for my administration, and we're working hard with our manufacturers and small businesses to help spur economic growth in Parma,” he said. So far, efforts are successful.

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Nov. 2, 2012
Parma Observer Article

Fortunes Changing For Parmatown Mall

Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter will never forget his first day working in his City Hall office. Through the windows just behind his desk he can see Parmatown Mall, and on this first day came the announcement that Macy's department store was closing. Ten months later, DeGeeter still looks out those windows, but now he sees real opportunity for growth.

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Oct. 31, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma opens senior center to residents without power

The Donna Smallwood Activities Center, 7001 West Ridgewood Drive, is opening its doors to Parma residents who have lost power due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

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Oct. 31, 2012
Press Release

Mayor offers Smallwood Center for those without power

PARMA, Ohio - As he did this summer as a respite from sweltering heat, Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter is offering the city’s senior center, the Donna Smallwood Activities Center, as a safe place for Parma residents who have been left with no electricity in the wake of the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The center, located behind City Hall, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, is heated, and offers varied, on-going activities. The center is open to residents who need to use it for relief; however, meals and transportation are provided only to those who are 60 and older and registered for those services.

Questions about the Center will be answered at 440-885-8800.

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Oct. 29, 2012
Press Release

Trick-or-Treating re-scheduled for Parma, Parma Hts., Seven Hills

PARMA, Ohio -- Officials from Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills have announced that Halloween trick-or-treating has been re-scheduled for all three communities due to adverse weather conditions expected this week.

Trick-or-treating will take place on Sunday, Nov. 4 from 6-8 p.m. in all three communities.

“Obviously, safety of the children is paramount,” said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “That’s our first priority. Also, Sunday is at the end of the weekend and more likely to be convenient for most people.”

Weather conditions are uncertain at best for Halloween night, Wednesday Oct. 31, because prolonged rain and wind from Hurricane Sandy are expected to linger over the area this week.

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Oct. 26, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma offers payroll tax rebate to Ganley Hyundai

The city administration wants to enter into a five-year economic-development agreement with Ganley Hyundai, 7115 Brookpark Road.

Under the agreement, the city would rebate 15 percent of the car dealership’s payroll taxes for five years.

The city is offering the tax break because Ganley is rebuilding its dealership. City officials said Ganley will create 24 new jobs and add $1.2 million in payroll over the next three years.

Now, the company employs 33 and has $1.67 million in payroll, according to city officials.

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Oct. 23, 2012
19 Action News Article

DeGeeter to hold third economic summit meeting


PARMA- Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the date and time of the third economic summit meeting with members of the Parma business community. The meeting will be held on Oct. 25 at the Polish Diner Banquet Hall at 5772 Ridge Road. The meeting will start at 5 p.m. and go until approximately 7 p.m.

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Oct. 22, 2012
Press Release

City renews commitment to local manufacturer

PARMA, Ohio - Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and OSG/Sterling Die Vice President Ed Segula  signed a new economic development agreement today, granting OSG/Sterling Die a 46% rebate on payroll taxes paid to the city for the next 12 years.

This agreement replaces a 10-year, 50% deal that brought OSG/Sterling Die to Parma in  2001. After 10 years of leasing space on Venture Drive, OSG/Sterling Die recently invested millions in the purchase and renovation of its new home at 12502 Plaza Drive.

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 21, 2012
Sun News Article

Parma hosts 'Mayors for Obama' bus tour, vote initiative

PARMA -- The mayors of Philadelphia, Massillon and Akron joined Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter in a "Mayors for Obama" bus tour today at the Parma headquarters for the Obama for America-Ohio campaign.

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Oct. 19, 2012
Press Release

DeGeeter to hold third economic summit meeting

PARMA, Ohio - Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the date and time of the third economic summit meeting with members of the Parma business community. The meeting will be held on Oct. 25 at the Polish Diner Banquet Hall at 5772 Ridge Road. The meeting will start at 5 p.m. and go until approximately 7 p.m.

This meeting is the third in a series of dialogues with local businesses. As he said during his campaign, the Mayor has been committed to interacting with the business community, and the first two economic summit meetings have yielded healthy discussion.

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Oct. 18, 2012
Sun News Article

Tri-C in Parma prepares soccer fields for Bill Clinton-Bruce Springsteen campaign event later today

PARMA Democratic city officials received a double injection of excitement last week upon learning that former President Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen were scheduled to visit Parma later today.

Clinton and Springsteen will appear together at Cuyahoga Community College in support of President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 17, 2012
WOIO News Article

Parma Mayor talks about sale of Parmatown Mall

PARMA, OH (WOIO)- Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter responds to Phillips Edison Strategic Investment Fund II LLC  purchasing Parmatown Mall. The 1.18 million-square-foot, mixed-use complex is located on 83 acres, at the corner of Ridgewood Road and Ridge Road.

"Every day, the first thing I see when I look out my office window, I see Parmatown Mall," DeGeeter said. "Until a deal was reached, I saw an area that was a source of uncertainty for the city. Now, it's a view that brings with it a new vision of hope and energy. We have a partner to help revitalize this area."

(read the press release ...)


Oct. 17, 2012
Press Release

Fortunes changing for Parmatown Mall
Mayor DeGeeter says sale brings new vision, energy for the area

Ten months ago, on just his first day working in the office since his election, Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter heard the news.

Macy's department store would be closing, hurting an already-struggling Parmatown Mall that was in receivership.

Today, the contrast couldn't be greater. 

Phillips Edison & Co., a retail real estate company based in Cincinnati and Utah, acquired the mall and the Macy's property and finalized the deal Tuesday.

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Oct. 16, 2012
Press Release

CINCINNATI, OH. October 16, 2012 – Phillips Edison Strategic Investment Fund II LLC has purchased Parmatown Mall, one of Northeast Ohio’s largest retail properties. The 1.18 million-square-foot, mixed-use complex is located on 83 acres in Parma, Ohio, approximately eight miles southwest of downtown Cleveland.

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Oct. 2, 2012
Press Release
Parma City Council encourages passage of Issue 78

PARMA, Ohio -- On Monday, Parma City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution encouraging the renewal of the 2-mill Parma Police levy – Issue 78 on November’s ballot. The renewal is necessary to approach full staffing levels, acquire new equipment, take advantage of up-to-date training, and continue support for programs such as the annual Safety Fair, Honor Guard, Citizens Police Academy and the K-9 unit. Every Council member co-sponsored the resolution.

The renewal of the levy would continue to pay for much-needed equipment and to help keep Parma at safe staffing levels. The department is currently at 102 officers; the goal of the department is 110 officers. Even at 110, which would give Parma 1.34 officers per 1,000 residents, the state’s seventh-largest city would still be one of the lowest-staffed police departments per capita in Cuyahoga County.

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Oct. 2, 2012
Press Release
Parma experiencing investment in commercial and industrial sectors

PARMA, Ohio - Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. has purchased the vacant Great Lakes Tool facility at 12631 Plaza Drive, bringing 12 jobs to Parma, along with the expectation of expansion and new hiring. This purchase marks the third and final purchase of previously vacant manufacturing space on Plaza Drive over the last two years.  OSG/Sterling Die purchased and renovated the former Earnest Products building at 12502 Plaza and Absolute Haitian purchased and renovated the former Clamco building at 12900 Plaza.

Said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter: “We are thrilled with Mayesh’s investment.  Each of these purchases demonstrates a long-term commitment that we will do all in our power to foster and build upon.”

(read the press release ...)


Aug. 28, 2012
Press Release
City provides update on Fire Safety House program

PARMA, Ohio -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter announced the city is making progress on a plan to save the Fire Safety House and the adjacent Burn Room -- a development that reiterates the administration's commitment to fire safety education for area school children.

After months of reviewing potential locations in the city, DeGeeter said the goal is to relocate the small bungalow to the campus of the Health Education Center, a Parma Community General Hospital property on State Road.

However, before that prospective move takes place, the Fire Safety House (FSH) and Burn Room will be moved temporarily to a parking lot close to Medical Arts Center 4 near the main hospital campus – a move that is necessary so that the current location of the house on Powers Blvd. can be purposed for part of a multi-million project for a new Cuyahoga County Public Library.

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Jul. 5, 2012
Plain Dealer Article
President Obama focuses on economy, health care in Parma campaign stop

PARMA, Ohio -- President Barack Obama's speech in Parma on Thursday night capped the first day of a two-day push through the battleground of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

(read the Plain Dealer article ...)


Jun. 5, 2012
Press Release
Parma, Seven Hills agree to share recreation facilities

PARMA, Ohio -- Parma and Seven Hills residents can significantly expand their recreation options at affordable prices, thanks to the two communities approving an agreement to share recreational facilities. Seven Hills approved the agreement on Tuesday, May 29; Parma City Council followed suit on Monday night.

The new policies allow Parma residents to use the Seven Hills Community Recreation Center for reduced prices and Seven Hills residents to use Parma’s ice rink, outdoor pools and Ridgewood Golf Course at reduced fees.

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May 16, 2012
Press Release
Mayor announces second economic summit meeting

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter has announced the date and time of the second in a series of dialogues with local businesses. He will speak with small business owners in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood on Thursday, May 24 at Shynok Party Center, 5840 State Road, from 5-6:30 p.m.

(read the press release ...)


May 4, 2012
Press Release
Ries Rink will be home ice for Holy Name Green Wave

PARMA, Ohio -- The City of Parma and Holy Name High School have agreed on a 10-year contract that makes the Michael Ries Rink, located at5000 Forestwood Drive,the home rink for Holy Name’s varsity and junior varsity hockey teams. The agreement will run for 10 hockey seasons through March 1, 2022.

(read the press release ...)


May, 2012
The Observer Article
Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out night a hit with participating residents

One resident said he feels like he’s making a direct difference in his city.

Another cited Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s pro-active approach in asking residents to speak to him directly about their issues.

A third added that he feels “really listened to” and that his concerns were given sincere attention.

Regardless of the issue they brought forth, every resident who showed up to speak DeGeeter on his first Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out evening – about 10 - said the same thing on their way out: “What a great program – this is a very good idea.”

(read the Observer article ...)


Apr. 30, 2012
Press Release
Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out” program debuts in May

PARMA, Ohio – Mayor Tim DeGeeter, citing a desire to bring residents closer to City Hall, will begin a program of “office hours” this month. DeGeeter first announced the program, called “Mayor’s In, Mayor’s Out,” in his State of the City speech in February.

(read the press release ...)


Feb. 20, 2012
Press Release
Mayor DeGeeter to give State of the City speech at GrafTech

PARMA, Ohio -- Mayor Tim DeGeeter will deliver his first State of the City address on the campus of one of Parma’s most successful businesses. GrafTech International will host DeGeeter’s address on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. at its headquarters at 12900 Snow Road. The event will be held in the auditorium.

(read the press release ...)


Jan. 30, 2012
19ActionNews Article
Parma Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2008

PARMA, Ohio -- Statistics released last week by the Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services indicate that Parma’s unemployment rate for December 2011 fell to 6.7%, the lowest it’s been since the Great Recession began in late 2008.

(read the 19 Action News article ...)


Jan. 13, 2012
Sun News Article
Macy's closing in Parmatown might facilitate mall sale and redevelopment, attorney for receiver says

PARMA The closing of Macy’s in Parmatown Mall — announced last week and scheduled for early spring — may encourage a company to buy and-or redevelop the struggling mall.

(read the Sun News article ...)


Jan. 9, 2012
Mayors & Cities Article
Timothy DeGeeter , Mayor Of Parma OH

CITY OF PARMA — Tim DeGeeter is the 14th mayor to serve the City of Parma. He and his wife Pam made Parma their hometown because they believe in the city, its hard-working people and its future.

(read the Mayors & Citys article ...)


Jan. 18, 2012
NewsNet5 Article
Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter begins new chapter of leadership in Ohio's seventh largest city

PARMA, Ohio - A new chapter of leadership has begun at Parma City Hall as Tim DeGeeter has taken over as mayor of Ohio's seventh largest city.

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Jan. 5, 2012
NewsNet5 Article
Parma Gets Ready For Life After Macy's

PARMA, Ohio - Parmatown Mall looks to refocus on serving the neighborhood, after the announcement that Macy's is closing.

"Parmatown has been on the list for some time," David Browning, the court appointed receiver for the mall, said.

(read the article ...)


Jan. 4, 2012
Press Release
Macy's To Close Parmatown Mall Store

PARMA, Ohio -- Macy’s announced today that it will be closing its Parmatown Mall doors. Although sad, this announcement was not completely unexpected.

Macy’s has closed several Ohio stores almost yearly since 2005 in response to an ever-competitive retail market and a worsening national economy.

(read the press release ...)


Dec. 20, 2011
Press Release
Parma Mayor-elect Tim DeGeeter Announces Incoming Administration

PARMA – Parma Mayor-elect Tim DeGeeter today announced his incoming administration as he prepares for the beginning of his mayoral term. DeGeeter is currently serving as the area’s state representative and will leave office at the end of the year to start in his new role.

(read the press release ...)


Dec. 6, 2011
Press Release
Parma Mayor-elect Tim DeGeeter Prepares for New Role

Parma Mayor-elect Tim DeGeeter continued preparation for his new job by attending two events specifically designed to help new mayors transition into office. DeGeeter, who has served for eight years as State Representative for the 15th District, which includes Parma, will be sworn in as Mayor on Jan. 2.

(read the press release ...)


Dec. 1, 2011
Parma Observer Article
Meeting The New Mayor At The Blue Line

On November 26, 2011, mayor-elect Tim DeGeeter honored my request to meet for an interview at the Blue Line Bar& Grill in Parma. One of the first things that he said which struck me as very poignant was that " Mayor Depiero has paved a nice road for the city; our goal is to put in sidewalks". What follows is the interview, with the questions asked, and his direct response to them.

(read the article ...)


Nov. 9, 2011
Sun News Article
Tim DeGeeter, Running Unopposed, is Elected Mayor in Parma

Tim DeGeeter had a spring in his step when he emerged from the voting booth at Parma Evangelical Lutheran Church on Tuesday. That’s because DeGeeter had just voted for himself in the Parma mayoral election. It was the only vote he needed. He was running unopposed.

“Since I didn’t have opposition, I was able to prepare for my transition from the legislative branch to the executive branch,” DeGeeter said.

DeGeeter has represented the 15th District in the Ohio House of Representatives since 2003. He has never held an executive-branch seat but said he is ready for the mayor’s job.

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June 23, 2011
Sun News Article
Parma Hospital's 50th birthday party an event to remember

The hospital opened its doors on August 2, 1961. A black-tie gala at Embassy Suites Rockside Road in Independence celebrated the history and tradition of service the hospital continues to provide to residents of Parma, Parma Heights, Seven Hills, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights and North Royalton, as the only remaining independent hospital in Cuyahoga County.

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June 20, 2011
Sun News Article
Parma's Henninger House receives $19,500 grant through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office

Motorists passing the Henninger House on Broadview Road in Parma, just north of Snow Road, will soon see workers making repairs to the 162-year-old structure.

State Representative Tim DeGeeter has secured a $19,500 Certified Local Government grant through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office for the West Creek Preservation Committee, which co-manages the house along with the City of Parma.

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June 16, 2011
Join Us June 27th!

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Join Tim DeGeeter, Candidate for Parma Mayor, at a General Election Kick-off Fundraiser.
Monday, June 27, 2011
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Johnny Malloy’s
7729 W. Ridgewood Dr., Parma
(at Parmatown Mall)

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April 14, 2011
Sun News Article
Parma Sun Post endorses Tim DeGeeter in Parma mayoral primary
... There’s lots of work ahead to keep the city vibrant and viable in a tough economic climate. DeGeeter has exhibited a great combination of energy, experience, vision and work ethic to take it on and succeed.

We endorse Tim DeGeeter in the May 3 Democratic primary mayoral race.
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April 14, 2011
Press Release


North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor endorses Tim DeGeeter
The already impressive list of labor support for Tim DeGeeter's bid for Parma mayor has added another line. On Wednesday night, the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor voted unanimously to endorse Tim. (read the press release...)


April 11, 2011
OPBA Endorsement


Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Endorses Timothy DeGeeter for Parma Mayor
The Executive Board of the Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association has informed State Representative Tim DeGeeter of their endorsement of him for Parma Mayor today. (read the letter ...)

April 11, 2011
BLET Press Release


Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Endorse Timothy DeGeeter for Parma Mayor
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) a subsidiary of the international Brotherhood of Teamsters extended State Representative Tim DeGeeter their endorsement for Parma Mayor today. (read the press release...)

April 5, 2011
Press Release


Ted Strickland endorses Tim DeGeeter
PARMA – Former Governor Ted Strickland has added his voice to an impressive display of support for State Rep. Tim DeGeeter as he continues his bid to become Mayor of Parma.

"I worked closely with Tim on critical issues facing Ohio, from fighting for jobs to cutting our state budget,” Strickland said Tuesday. “Tim has shown himself to be a strong leader, and he's the right choice at the right time for Parma."

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March 30, 2011
Press Release


Rep. DeGeeter Votes No on Bill to Gut Collective Bargaining Rights
COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives this afternoon voted to approve Senate Bill 5, legislation which would take away the rights of middle class workers by virtually eliminating collective bargaining. State Representative Timothy J. DeGeeter (D-Parma) voted against the bill, and issued the following statement:

“It is a sad day for families in Ohio and the 15th House District. (read the press release...)

March 29, 2011
Press Release


Endorsements continue for DeGeeter
Already carrying the official endorsement of the Parma Democratic Party and the high praise of city leaders, Tim DeGeeter has added the official support of Workers United Local 168-C, which represents the workers of Hugo Boss. (read the press release...)

March 24, 2011
Sun News Article


Middleburg Heights salutes the city's dedicated volunteers
MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS The volunteers honored March 19 during the annual Salute to the City all have one thing in common— dedication. (read the article ...)

March 11, 2011
News Article


Pointing to his long history of supporting organized labor and setting high standards for construction in the State of Ohio, the Building & Construction Trades Council last week joined 16 other local unions and labor central bodies in backing Tim DeGeeter in his bid to succeed Dean DePiero as Mayor of Parma. (read the article ...)

March 08, 2011
Sun News Article


Tim DeGeeter touts political experience and endorsements as he runs for Parma mayor

PARMA From a distance, it appears that Tim DeGeeter is living in Mayor Dean DePiero’s political shadow. (read the article ...)


March 2, 2011
Press Release


Endorsements roll in for DeGeeter - Already carrying the official endorsement of the Parma Democratic Party, Tim DeGeeter has gained several more in his bid to become Parma’s next mayor, earning high praise from several city leaders. (read the press release...)

February 25, 2011
Press Release


Tim DeGeeter took another step forward in his bid to become Parma’s next mayor when he secured the endorsement of the Parma Democratic Party on Thursday.  DeGeeter will face three other candidates in the Democratic primary on May 3. (read the press release...)

February 16, 2011

DeGeeter For Mayor Campaign Headquarters Kickoff
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: 5877 Broadview Road (at Dawnwood Dr.)
Come meet Tim, learn about our campaign. Meet campaign volunteers and learn how you can get involved.
Pizza and refreshments will be served. Kids and families welcome.

February 12, 2011

Please join us for our Campaign Kickoff!
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location: Johnny Malloy's, 7729 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma
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February 1, 2011

State Rep. Timothy J. DeGeeter (D-Parma) has filed official paperwork to begin his bid for Parma mayor. Rep. DeGeeter, along with his wife, Pam, and their two-year-old son, Jack, presented the required petitions Monday at the Board of Elections. (read more ...)

January 27, 2011

State Representative Tim DeGeeter tells Channel 3's Tom Beres that he is declaring he's running for mayor. (read more at WKYC.com ...)

January 27, 2011
Press Release


State Rep. Timothy J. DeGeeter (D-Parma) has announced his bid for Parma mayor. “I’m running for mayor because I believe in Parma and its future and also because I have the record, experience, and ideas to move our city forward,” DeGeeter said today. (read more ...)

January 8, 2011

Rep. DeGeeter named dean of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus.
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